Coral is the New PINK! - Three Summer/vaca Inspired Outfits

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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Does anything scream beach and sand more then a hot pop of coral? That's why on my trip to Aruba I packed 3 different coral outfits.

This was the brightest shirt I own! It can be worn flowy as well but I am into the tucked in look. We usually try to only bring a carry on so space is limited. I usually pack a few sandals and wear sneakers that would otherwise take up more space.

Does this look seem familiar? Yep that's right, it was also in my 5 ways to wear a fanny pack!

The next look I planned on my trip was this coral dress. It was so light that it took up almost no room in my carry on. I paired it with this funky belt that I have had for years. The belt gave the dress more dimension while also hiding the 5 pounds I packed on during the trip!

Those sunsets are unreal! On that note, I think the hot pink really stands out against the blues of the water and sky and goes so well with all the colors of the epic sunsets for pictures. (P.S. this dress was $5 from H&M!)

The last look I packed was a casual day outfit. This shirt is actually flowy as well and has a slit in the back. I used the two ends of the split to tie a little bow. I think it gives the shirt more dimension. and YES those are the same shorts as the first look! I told you, gotta pack light if you want it all to fit!

In my youth I would pack a ton of outfits without really thinking it through and end up not wearing half of it. Now I usually try to decide what I plan to wear and it ends up taking up a lot less room and then I don't need to think too much while I'm enjoying my trip!

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  • Coral top or dress!

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