Summer Sales

by Glamorouslady_x

In the UK, last week the summer sales have started in most shops both online and in store. And as I’ve been looking at the purchases I have made, I had to step back and consider- are sale purchases true bargains?

Being a true shopaholic, the mere mention of a sale gets me all giddy with excitement. However, with so many sales starting online before they commence in store, I have been guilty of placing multiple orders in a matter of minutes without any consideration as to whether I need the items and if they are actually true bargains!

The other major issue I have found with online sales, is that I tend to buy things just because they’re available in my size and I can get my hands on them. In the past, when sales were only available in store, if I could not find an item in my size I would simply walk away without giving it a second thought. However, with online shopping becoming the prevalent experience, I notice that I tend to compulsively search the website on a daily basis to see if the item I want has come back in stock in my size. And if it is available in my size, I instinctively purchase it before it can sell out again. As I said, this obsessive buying would never have happened in store- you would simply walk away if something was not available.

This is especially true with a certain brand that tends to advertise their upcoming sale a day before it goes live giving customers notice and opportunity to search and scan the website for the items they would like to purchase and add them to their virtual basket before the sale goes live. This way, the consumers can simply click the buy button as soon as the sale goes live and everything in their basket is instantly purchased. And I am ashamed to admit that I was one of those consumers. However, once I received my items I had to look at the sheer amount of clothes that I have ordered and give myself a stern talking to and realise how obsessive and irrational this behaviour is! I have to stop this madness, slow down and consider each and every purchase. We are made to feel like we’re in some sort of race to get the best item in the quickest time.

So from now on, I am making a conscious decision not to rush and buy everything as soon as I see it, just because it is available. I will consider weather I need the item and how often would I wear it- is it a true bargain just because it’s marked down?

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