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Lindsay Ramcharitar
by Lindsay Ramcharitar
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Biker shorts are a trend not everyone feels comfortable with and I get it. Wearing short, tight shorts out in public might be intimidating but I am here to show you, it can be done! You can wear biker shorts to run errands or out to dinner. Let me show you how you can take biker shorts from day to night and how you can wear them to make yourself feel good!

The first outfit is a comfortable, casual look. This look is great for a busy day of sports with the kids or running errands like grocery shopping! All it takes is a basic oversized t-shirt and sneakers and you are set. The t-shirt doesn't need to be printed, it can be plain but a long fit to cover more of your backside, will make you feel better. If you are still feeling self-conscience you can wrap a jean jacket/sweatshirt, or sweater around your waist.

Another simple way to style biker shorts is with an oversized sweatshirt! An oversized sweatshirt over the biker shorts is not only a great look for a simple Saturday with family but also to work out in! I mean not a full on weight lifting session but I do love wearing this outfit on the cool nights when I go for a walk. As you can see I added a fanny bag which adds just a simple pop of color but also a trend you see often.

The next look I put together is still a relaxed look but a little more put together. I decided to pair the biker shorts with a bodysuit and throw on a jean jacket! I added some slides and a cute belt bag (literally it goes through the belt hoops on your jeans) to tie the look together. I think this look is definitely cute to run errands in but also grab lunch, go to the movies or even to a casual dinner! If bodysuits aren't your thing, you can always wear a tank and tuck it into the biker shorts.

Another simple way to wear biker shorts is to add an oversized button down. Here I paired the shorts with a red button down I have and some sandals. This look is put together without being too much and allows for flexibility. Again, you can add a denim jacket around the waist to cover more in the back or even wear a long cardigan over the top (depending on the weather where you live). Add sneakers or even a cute pair of booties in the fall. I love this look!

Sticking with the oversized shirt look, I decided to do a look that was "fancier". I could have stuck with the red button down but here I paired the biker shorts with an oversized chambray top. I added a belt for some waist definition and characteristic and instead of sandals or sneakers I paired this look with a simple heeled sandal! This brings the look to another level. Would be great for happy hour or brunch on the weekend!

The last and favorite look I put together is for date night or the office (depending on your work environment). If you work in an office that is in the fashion industry then I am sure this look would be acceptable, unfortunately, I would only be able to wear it on date night. :) Anyway, for this look, I paired the bike shorts with a bra cami and an oversized blazer. A bra cami (if you don't know is like a sports bra but a little longer but not as full length as a regular cami/camisole). I love wearing these tops for a workout or with shorts but this look was my favorite. Since the shorts come up higher, there is only a small portion of the stomach that shows so it doesn't make me as self conscience as two piece bathing suit might. If your stomach showing is not your thing, wear a bodysuit or a tank top and it will give them same elegant look. All black with a nude heel a great staple look to be sophisticated without going over the top!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on styling biker shorts. Sometimes a little inspiration is all we need to get out of our own way! I cannot wait to see how you style your biker shorts.

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