Make a Poncho in 5 Steps

by MaryMarthaMama
1 Material
30 Minutes

Fall is the perfect time for layering a stylish poncho onto your outfit. You can easily make your own in 5 simple steps! You can even make this a no-sew project if you use hemming tape and an iron (just make sure your fabric is one that can be ironed).

Prepare Your Fabric

Wash and dry your fabric. Then cut it to a 30 inch X 60 inch rectangle.

Fold your fabric in half width-side with the right sides together so that you have a 30 inch X 30 inch square. Make sure the right sides are on the inside and the wrong sides are on the outside. Then pin or clip along one of the sides that’s perpendicular to the fold (not the side across from it).


Sew along that side, sewing 1/2 inch from the edge BUT stop 10 inches from the fold. Leave those 10 inches unsewn. Be sure to backstitch when you start and stop so that the seams are nice and strong.

Fold & Sew

Fold the hem that you just sewed to one side of your seam. Pin it down and then sew all along it about 1/4 inch from the edge, again making sure to backstitch when you start and stop.

Finish Neck & Hem (Optional)

Once you've sewn that one line of stitches you can be all done if you use a fleece fabric like I did. If you didn't you'll have to sew a nice hem along the neckline and the bottom hem so that you don't get any unraveling.

Suggested materials:
  • 1 piece of knit fabric that’s 30 X 60 inches

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  • Allene Allene on Oct 31, 2020

    Yes I thought I would give it a try. Can you make it bigger?

    • MaryMarthaMama MaryMarthaMama on Oct 31, 2020

      Absolutely! You’d just have to make sure you find a fabric that would be wide enough to accommodate making it as big as you’d like. Some fabric only comes in 45 inch width, some 60, etc.

  • Diane Diane on Nov 03, 2022

    Approximately what size would this fit a woman

    • Mcc Mcc on Dec 03, 2022

      My daughter is 5'5" and 200# and it fits her fine.