The Secret to the Perfect Messy Bun! 👱‍♀️

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
2 Materials
5 Minutes

If you struggle with styling your hair and are looking for an easy, everyday look, try out this messy bun hairstyle.

I’ll show you the secret to the perfect messy bun in a few simple steps.

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Tools and materials:

  • Short claw clip
  • Hair tie
Attaching hair tie to claw clip

1. Attach a hair tie to a claw clip

Attach a hair tie to a short claw clip and put it aside.

2. Twist your hair

Collect all of your hair and twist the tail.

Twisting hair

3. Attach the claw clip

Lay the tail down the crown of your head, making sure to keep the twist intact.

Then attach the claw clip at the base of the twist. 

Adding claw clip

4. Secure a bun with the hair tie

Pull the tail back, over the claw clip and use the attached hair tie to secure a bun. 

Securing bun

Fluff out your bun to ensure the claw clip is hidden and that you achieve a shape you like.

Pull out some face-framing strands for a more casual feel.

Securing bun

Here’s the final look of this messy bun hairstyle: 

Perfect messy bun hairstyle

Perfect messy bun hairstyle

Wasn’t that messy bun hairstyle easier than you expected?

If you loved this casual yet chic messy bun, you might also like to braid your hair into a scarf for this fabulous Spring look.

Suggested materials:
  • Short claw clip
  • Hair tie

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