This Hair Tie Hack Actually Blew My Mind 🤯

by Stylefox

Hey guys! I’m so excited to show you one of my favorite fashion hacks. This hair tie hack actually blew my mind.

I thought once the fabric around the tie stretches the hair tie is garbage. It turns out, it’s completely salvageable! Just follow these simple steps:

Tools and materials:

  • Stretched out hair tie
  • Small pot
  • Water to boil
Boiling water

1. Boil water

Fill a small pot with water and put on the flame to bring the water to a boil

Adding hair tie to boiling water

2. Toss it in

Take your hair tie and toss it into the boiling water.

Removing hair tie from boiling warer
Before hair tie hack

3. Take it out

After a minute or two, take the hair tie out using a utensil like a chopstick so you don’t burn yourself.

After hair tie hack

Hair tie hack

Now your hair tie is as good as new. The boiling water shrinks the fabric making the hair tie wearable again. How amazing is this hack? Try it at home and leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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