Spring Tee for Chilly Weather...A Fun DIY Sew-in-a-Flash Creation!

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
2 Materials
30 Minutes

Let's Take a Sweater with Interesting Details and Lines...and a Simple Black Cotton Tee...and Create a Totally New Look...for Free...with a Bit of Simple Sewing...and Done in a Flash.

A Sweater/Tee Mash-Up...Ready??? Let's Go!!

Here's the Sweater. The Fit was Just Too Wimpy and Baggy...

Best fabric scissors!

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BUT, the Ribbed Sleeves and Hem of the Sweater were Fun and Cozy and Made the Whole Look.

The Color was Pure White... Clean and Classy.

The Sweater was an End-Of-Season Sale Item...$8 at TJ Maxx.

The Black Tee...from Old Navy...All Cotton...Cheap $6. A Bit Rumpled and Rarely Worn, but 100% Cotton with Fun, Boxy Lines.

Let's Put the Best Parts of Each Together for a Fun New Look...

First - Cut the Sleeves and Hem Off the Sweater. Cut above the Seam to prevent any unraveling. Toss the Body.

Sweater Sleeves...

Sweater Hem...The sweater has a definite Front and Back which matches the Notched Hem of the Tee...

Cut the Hem above the seam to prevent unraveling.

Sweater Hem Pieces...

Attach the Sweater Hem to the Tee Hem...Overlap the Tee Hem to the Sweater Hem..

Attach the Sleeves to the Tee Sleeves...Overlap the Tee Sleeves to the Sweater Sleeves...

Pin and Sew...I used Black Thread for the top stitching on the Black Tee. Straight Seams.

New White Sweater Arms and Hem, on a Black Cotton Tee...Done in a Flash!!!

Fun to Wear...And Oh So Cozy for the Still Chilly Days of Spring!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • Sweater   (TJ Maxx)
  • Cotton Tee   (Old Navy)

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