12 Simple Steps to the Perfect Wash & Go for Type 3 Natural Hair

by Laurscurls
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Hey, lovelies! I want to share with you how to do a wash and go on type 3 hair natural hair! If you want to know how to make a wash and go last and how to keep a wash and go from shrinking, then I’m here to show you my tried and tested methods.

Let’s get some volume and definition to your natural hair!

Tools and materials:

  • Shampoo
  • Hair mask
  • Garnier 1-minute mask
  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Spray bottle
  • Brush
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Styling gel
  • Blow dryer
  • Jamaican castor oil
  • Baobab oil
  • Hair massager 
Shampooing hair in the shower

1. Wash your hair 

To start, use a curl-friendly shampoo that is super moisturizing and lathers up nicely. 

Brushing a hair mask through hair

2. Use a hair mask

Now, apply a hair mask instead of a conditioner. The one I use is a multi-vitamin, frizz-taming smoothie. Apply it from the roots to the ends of your hair. Then, brush it through your hair to ensure even distribution. 

Sectioning hair to apply the mask

When done with one side, twirl that section into a bun and focus on the other side. Then, rinse out the product. 

Rinsing hair mask under a shower

3. Use a 1-minute mask

I love using the Garnier 1-minute mask. It really does what it says it does and smoothes out the hair - it’s the best wash and go product as it eliminates the dryness from your hair. So, again, apply it and brush it through each section. 

Even though it’s a 1-minute mask, I like to keep it one for 5 minutes before rinsing it out. 

Wrapping hair in a cotton t-shirt

4. Wrap hair in a cotton t-shirt

Now, take a cotton t-shirt and wrap your hair. The next step is styling! 

Spraying hair with water

5. Spray hair with water

Start by spraying your damp hair with water. This will allow the product to penetrate better into the hair follicle. 

Setting edges with gel and a toothbrush

6. Set edges with gel

Now, take some styling gel and apply it to the frame of your face. Apply it with a toothbrush all around the edges.

Tip: Never do your edges on dry hair - it won’t hold well and will frizz out. 

Applying leave-in conditioner to hair

7. Leave-in conditioner

Now, using the same 1-minute mask used in the shower, apply it to your curls as a leave-in conditioner. Section your hair into two equal parts, so it’s easier to work on. I feel that it’s perfect for every curl type and it doesn't weigh down my hair. 

Then, apply a second leave-in conditioner to add some versatility to your hair. 

Finger curling hair to reduce frizz

8. Finger curl

Since the back of my head has the driest hair, I like to finger curl some strands.

Drying hair with a cotton t-shirt

9. Dry hair with a t-shirt

Dry your hair and scrunch out any excess product with a cotton t-shirt. 

Scrunching hair with styling gel

10. Scrunch with gel

Add some more styling gel. Distribute it throughout your hair and scrunch it accordingly. Scrunching is really important as it makes the curl tighter. 

Then, I finger curl one more time for the frizzier parts.

Blow-drying hair on a low heat

11. Blow dry hair on a low heat

With a blow dryer, dry your hair on the lowest heat setting. Focus on your roots and edges.

Mixing hair oils together in hands

12. Scalp massage

Mix 100% pure baobab and Jamaican castor oil together. Then, apply it to your scalp. I strongly recommend doing scalp massages as a natural hair stimulant to help growth.

Massaging scalp with a head massager

Then, massage your scalp with a wired hair massager. Like this, the oils will be able to penetrate your scalp. 

Wash and go on type 3 hair

Wash and go for type 3 hair

There you go ladies, the best wash and go for type 3 natural hair! I know it may seem like a long routine, but it’s totally worth it and will hold up pretty well throughout the week. This is really the best way on how to make a wash and go last!

Thanks for joining me, and I hope you managed to get some great wash and go tips. Keep them curls bouncing!

Products used

Suggested materials:
  • Shampoo
  • Hair mask
  • Garnier 1-minute mask
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