Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas Using Your Own Closet

Diana |  _deardianaaa_
by Diana | _deardianaaa_

Valentine’s Day is another festive holiday we can tap into for fun and exciting holiday outfits. It may not be the first holiday that comes to mind when you hear “holiday outfits”. However, with a dash of inspiration and creativity, you too can put together some festive looks during the month of February.

Shop Your Closet & Wardrobe

We all probably have one or two of these dresses in our closet. A body con style dress tends to be a bit more form fitting. This style of dress looks great on its own as it is simple and timeless, but let’s see how quickly we can spruce it up with adding layers to the look. 

(The body con dress I am wearing is from Forever 21 and sold out so I am linking a similar one instead)

This is what I mean by layering... Tulle Skirt worn over the body-con dress

Most of us certainly have a tank top or turtle neck in their wardrobe. Wear a pink tank top or a turtle neck and add a tulle skirt to the mix.

Wow! Different style tops can provide your outfit with so much versatility. You probably already have a tank or turtle neck, now here's a link to a Tulle Skirt

My guess is you probably have at-least one jean skirt in your closet. Jean skirts certainly tend to fall on the more casual side of things but that’s not a problem because anything can always be dressed up with a cute bodysuit.

The best advice is to shop your current wardrobe and create outfits with pieces you already have on hand. Lots of great outfits start out with basic essentials most of us already have in our closet. Happy shopping!

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