Custom Trucker Hats for Me and Mini

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
3 Materials
1 Hour

I decided to make the hats for me and the bean with iron on letters. I like the trucker hat style.

I actually already had the smiley iron on from when I did my mama Jean jacket. So I just needed to get the letters which I found at Michael's craft store.

I picked the pink hat she picked the blue.

I was looking for gold letters but they must have been out of stock, either way sometimes I like mixing and matching gold and silver metallic.

So her hat was supposed to say mini but she wanted it to say Sonic. We are big fans of Sonic at the moment so I obliged.

I use my iron at the highest setting but with no steam to iron on the letters.

The direction said to put a thin piece of fabric between the iron and letter, but I didn't do that and it came out just fine.

You have to leave the iron on the letters for about 30 seconds for the backing to melt into the fabric.

Now me and the mini can go out in style 😎

Suggested materials:
  • Trucker hat   (Amazon)
  • Iron on letters   (Michael's craft store)
  • Iron

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