How to Style Everyday Jewelry This Fall/Winter

Melissa Duncan
by Melissa Duncan

I can't wait to talk to you about ways to style everyday jewelry with sweaters. Once it gets cold out and I'm covered from head to toe in winter clothes, it's easy for me to forget jewelry since I barely see any of my skin, lol. I adore my "everyday" jewelry pieces and I never want to forget them. So here, I'm going to walk you through how to wear staple jewelry items with a sweater this fall/winter.

If any of these items are still available, I will be sure and provide a link for them. Additionally, many of these items were created for me by The Southern Peach Company. They are a female owned and operated small business that creates handmade jewelry. I will be sure to provide a link to their Etsy shop and Instagram page incase you would like to place an order for the holidays. They also take custom orders, so don't be afraid to reach out! Jessica is great.


The first thing I will always forget to wear with a sweater is my arm stack of bracelets. These pieces bring me such joy, so it is a shame with I miss them. Don't forget that you can easily make a small roll in your sweater sleeves to show off those jewels while staying warm! I try to leave the sleeve roll looking a little messy and not rolled totally perfect. I just feel like it has better shape that way!

Cuff and Watch are by MVMT. I have been wearing them for YEARS and they still look brand new and have never broken on me. Which is amazing for the price point.



Beaded stackable bracelets are by The Southern Peach Company. These would also be such a fun gift if you customized with a name!



VERY into layered chains right now. They are subtle enough where you can get away with wearing multiples and they are easy to dress up and down. The key to executing this properly is to wear them OVER your turtleneck or mock neck top and to make sure they are varying in length. It is such an easy way to break up an (otherwise) bulky and overbearing top.

I have been wearing this Initial Pendant Necklace everyday for the last year and a half and it has not tarnished AT ALL! For only $13, the quality is a steal. It is gold filled and after some research I have learned that gold filled holds up way better than gold plated, which explains why it has stayed in exceptional condition all this time.

Initial Pendant Necklace:

My Herringbone chain is vintage but I am linking a similar one here. This one is also gold filled, so it should hold up great just like the initial pendant necklace!

Herringbone Chain:

Small Paperclip Chain Necklace is by The Southern Peach Company!



I am all about an earring stack! I got my second and third hole pierced in high school, took them out, and I am SO happy they didn't close up, lol! This is a great way to dress up an oversized sweater. The key is to make sure your hoops and studs are on the minimal side so they pair well with your stacked necklaces.

Hoop 1 is by The Southern Peach Company.



Hoop 2 is vintage, but I'll provide an alternative option. These are actual 14k gold and only $48! So your sensitive ears will be A-OK!

Hoop 2:

3mm 14k Gold Studs:

14k Gold Swarovski Crystal Studs:

I hope this was helpful and has inspired you to wear your everyday jewelry, even during the winter months when you're all bundled up!

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Happy styling!


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