How to Make a Sheer Bucket Hat in 10 Simple Steps

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I recently saw an all-black bucket hat on Instagram and decided to make it myself using my fabric stock. I landed up making this beautiful and sheer bucket hat from organza fabric. The results were really pretty, and I want to share this cute bucket hat DIY with you! Let’s begin!

Tools and materials:

  • Bucket hat pattern (members only - sign up to my channel for access)
  • Organza fabric
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Fabric clips
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
Cutting out the bucket hat pattern

1. Print and cut the pattern

Download the pattern here. This custom bucket hat pattern comes in 4 sizes, so just cut along the applicable lines, as shown. 

Cutting out the fabric pieces

2. Cut the fabric pieces

Pin or clip the pattern pieces to the fabric, so they don’t move out of place (organza is pretty slippery). Then, cut out each piece, with some along the fold, as instructed. 

DIY bucket hat pattern pieces

You should have 4 brim pieces, 2 top hat pieces, and 4 band pieces. 

Where to sew on the sides

Stitching the crown of the hat

3. Stitch the crown

Lay two band pieces on top of each other and stitch the sides to create a loop. 

Pinning the crown to the top

4. Stitch the crown to the top

Pin the top piece to the crown, and stitch to secure. 

Sewing the brim pieces together

5. Stitch the brim pieces

Now, go ahead and stitch the brim pieces at the sides, the same as you did with the crown. 

Pinning the brim to the crown

6. Pin the brim to the crown

Pin the brim to the crown and top piece, ensuring the side seams are aligned. 

How to sew a bucket hat

Now, sew to secure. Make a second cute bucket hat by following steps 3-6. 

DIY bucket hat tutorial

7. Create one more hat piece

Once that’s done, we can put this sheer bucket hat together in the next step! 

Sewing the two hat pieces together

8. Join the two custom bucket hats

Place both hat pieces right sides facing, and align the seams. Then, pin the brim all around and leave a small 3-inch gap. 

Turning the hat right sides out

9. Turn right sides out

Through the 3-inch gap, turn the sheer bucket hat right sides out. 

Topstitching the brim of the hat

10. Topstitch the brim

Next, topstitch the brim of your cute bucket hat and watch it take shape! 

Tip: You can stabilize the brim if you want. 

How to make a sheer bucket hat

How to make a sheer bucket hat

That’s it! Your all-black bucket hat (also known as a fisherman’s hat) is complete! It’s such an easy DIY, and you could probably make a couple more of these in many colors, too. Thanks for joining me, and good luck!

Suggested materials:
  • Bucket hat pattern
  • Organza fabric
  • Scissors
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