Amazing Low Bun With Braided Ponytail

2 Materials
5 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do a low bun with a braided ponytail. Let's jump into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair tie
  • Rubberband
Tying ponytail

1. Put the hair into a ponytail

Separate the front of your hair from the back, and then pull the rest of your hair back into a low ponytail.

Wrap the ponytail as many times as you can, but leave room for one more.

Putting ponytail into a bun

2. Put the ponytail into a bun

Use the last wrap to put the low ponytail into a small bun. Leave part of the hair still down, and then spread out the bun.

Pulling front sections back

3. Pull the front sections back

Leaving out the bangs, pull both sides of the front section of hair backward and tie it off with a clear rubber band.

Flipping tail into V shape

4. Flip the tail into the V

Flip the tail in the V of the ponytail to create the twisted sections.


5. Twist the V

Twist the two sections, bringing the left side to the right, and the right side to the left. 

Wrapping hair

6. Wrap the hole around the bun

Wrap the created hole around the bun, and tighten it.

Twisting hair

7. Twist the remaining hair

Twist the remaining hair from the bun.

Wrapping hair

8. Wrap the hair around the bun

Wrap the twisted hair around the bun, and pin it.

Amazing low bun with braided ponytail

Amazing low bun with braided ponytail

Here’s the finished low bun!

This updo is super cute and it’s perfect for a slightly elevated, casual look. Let me know if you decide to try it below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair tie
  • Rubberband

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