How to Dress Like Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte in "And Just Like That"

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

I am a massive fan of Sex and The City, and HBO just released a reboot of the show called And Just Like That. Don’t worry; I won’t give any spoilers if you haven’t seen it already!

Throughout the years, the Sex and The City TV show, the two subsequent movies, and now with And Just Like That, there has been a really big spotlight on fashion and what the girls are wearing.

For this tutorial, I’m going to do a bit of a style guide to the program and also put together some outfits inspired by Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in And Just Like That.

The absence of Patricia Field

One big thing to note about And Just Like That is that costume designer Patricia Field is not involved with this project. Instead, she's choosing to focus on her work on Emily in Paris.

Patricia Field was the costume designer throughout all the Sex and the City seasons and movies, and it was her influence that made the show known for its iconic fashion.

The costume designers for And Just Like That are Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, who balance references to some of the most famous Sex and the City looks, while also updating the characters' outfits according to age and the current times.

Sex and The City movie blue wedding shoes

Throwbacks to Sex and The City

There are some really fun throwbacks to some of the original costumes that Carrie wore in the series and the movies. For example, her iconic blue wedding shoes make an appearance. 

Carrie Bradshaw's wedding bird headpiece

She has been spotted with a bird on her head, like the infamous wedding bird. 

Carrie Bradshaw's oversized floral broaches

One of her outfits in the very first episode features a large flower broach, and Carrie wore these large flowers all through season three. 

Iconic Sex and the City tulle skirt looks

Of course, there is a tulle skirt moment! It wouldn’t be Sex and The City without a tulle skirt.

Charlotte accessorizing with designer bags


There are a lot of luxury handbags - Charlotte here is wearing Dior and Louis Vuitton.

Carrie's Fendi baguette bag looks

Carrie has been spotted wearing a Fendi baguette bag, which is a great call back to the original series.

Miranda's tote bags in And Just Like That

Tote bags

On the subject of bags, massive tote bags seem to be a thing in this new series. Miranda is going back to study, so she’s wearing a lot of tote bags. I mean, she’s got to have something to carry her books in.

Miranda wearing plaid in And Just Like That

Plaid for Miranda

They’ve been dressing Miranda in a lot of plaid. Normally the plaid print is quite wide. 

Miranda's plaid outfit by a plaid tablecloth

But sometimes she is really overloading on the plaid, like in this shot, she’s got the plaid on top, plaid on the bottom, and then with the plaid tablecloth. It’s a lot of plaid.

And Just Like That Miranda-inspired outfit

When I put together an outfit inspired by Miranda in And Just Like That, of course, it had to feature a plaid dress.

She’s been wearing a lot of browns, rusts, oranges, really autumnal tones, and a lot of flowing midi-dresses, maxi-dresses, and wide-leg trousers.

Miranda has a very elongated silhouette, so I popped on a brown leather belt, which goes really well with the color of the plaid.

Then, of course, a tote bag. It wouldn’t be a And Just Like That's Miranda without a tote bag!

Carrie's bohemian looks in And Just Like That

Carrie's bohemian style

Carrie, as a character, has never been afraid to push fashion boundaries. She’s always been trying different aesthetics, mixing them together, often in the same outfit.

In this series, she’s got a very bohemian look, a lot of bohemian prints going on, and vibrant colors.

Charlotte and Carrie layering under dresses


There has also been a lot of layering going on, for example, Charlotte wearing this simple white t-shirt underneath her nautical-themed dress or Carrie wearing this button-down under her dress.

Charlotte and her daughters wearing florals


Floral prints are also all over the costuming in this season. I can’t get over this matching moment that Charlotte has with her daughters.

I think that Lily’s Oscar de la Renta floral dress is my favorite dress that I’ve seen anybody wearing in this whole series.

And Just Like That Carrie-inspired outfit

I saw this dress in a store, and although it’s not the type of style I would usually go for, there was something that really drew me towards it. I just felt that it has an And Just Like That aura about it.

I also decided to take some inspiration from And Just Like That and layer a white t-shirt underneath. This is something that I wouldn’t have thought of actually if it wasn’t for this show.

Charlotte's 50s style outfits in the show

Charlotte's 50s silhouette

For Charlotte in this series, they have been really pushing that classic 50s silhouette with a tight-fitting top and then a big poofy midi-length skirt.

Charlotte's puff-sleeve and ruffle tops

I’ve also noticed that they’ve been putting her in a lot of puff-sleeved tops, a lot of ruffle tops; she’s got a lot going on in the top area.

Charlotte wearing polka dots

Polka dots and tweed are two other things that Charlotte really loves.

And Just Like That Charlotte-inspired outfit

For the next outfit, I decided to channel Charlotte in this new series and really go for that 50s silhouette. I’ve paired a plain white t-shirt with a pink sating skirt.

On my handbag, I decided to tie this polka dot scarf around just as a little homage to Charlotte’s love of polka dots.

And Just Like That style guide & outfits

There are some And Just Like That -inspired outfits. If you have watched the show, then please let’s talk about it in the comments, like your thoughts, feelings, and emotions - let’s discuss!

I hope you enjoyed this style guide and that you enjoy watching the show!

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