1 Blouse for the Office, Brunch, or Night Out

One really good staple piece (like a white blouse) can go FAR. It's important to have all your staple pieces before you start buying alot of cute patterns and unique items. For this post I'm styling a simple off the shoulder white peasant blouse into 3 distinct looks you can wear to work, brunch with the girls or to a night out at the bars.

My exact white top is sold out online. I am linking a similar blouse on Shein. The key to this outfit is wearing a tight dress like this one on top of the blouse. The dress highlights your figure so it's okay that your sleeves are poofy.

This is a good example of a work appropriate dress. It's long, not too revealing and still looks really cute.

Nordstrom also has a cute white top that's very similar to this one, it's a little pricey but WORTH IT!

This is my brunch fit! It's bright and fun with the yellow pants. Since the top can be worn on the shoulder I moved it down for this outfit. My pants are 'A New Day' some people on Poshmark are selling them, but they're no longer in stores. I did find cute ones that look similar at Hot Topic.

Finally... time for fun!

this outfit is my FAVORITE! It's something I've worn to the bars and always get complimented even though it's simple. Pair that white top with some cute leather shorts that are tight and form fitting. You can wear any heels - I like adding in a little pattern to spice it up.

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