Learn How to Style a Black Blouse

by Marina

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to style this simple black blouse (mine is from H&M). This blouse is part of my capsule all-year-round wardrobe. It goes with so many different things in my closet that it is an absolutely essential piece.

Style a black blouse

Look 1 

Here I went for black jeans and black heels to go with the blouse. I adore wearing black from head to toe, and I think that wearing black, white, or a neutral color head to toe will make you look elegant and put together. To make this look a bit more of a statement, I decided to add a beautiful beige coat. I love the mix of everything black and then this beige coat - it’s super chic and elegant, but it’s such an effortless look that anyone can wear. It will serve you well throughout the day.

Styling a black blouse

Look 2 

Here again, I went with everything black head to toe: black ankle boots, black jeans, a black leather purse, a beautifully structured blazer, and my black blouse. I love this look, even though it is a little bit bolder. My shiny ankle boots are eye-catching and mix the look up a bit. What matters most when you’re wearing all black is to include different materials and textures. This will keep your outfit looking fresh and exciting and not dull or bland.

Basic black blouse style

Look 3 

In this look, I’ve added a plaid blazer. It gives something to the outfit and makes it look more elevated. If you want to look a bit more casual, switch the heels for sneakers.

Easy black blouse style

Look 4 

I love this dark wash type of jeans. I popped on some knee-length boots, my black blouse, and a black blazer. For accessories, I’ve added a belt and a handbag. I adore this look. It is so casual but super chic - not to mention very comfortable and relaxed as well.

Women’s black blouse

Look 5 

To accompany the black blouse, I’m wearing my favorite beige skirt, black tights, over-the-knee boots, and black blazer. It is such a simple look which is very appropriate for a night out. You could pair these clothes with any skirt - checkered, plaid etic - and it would look great.

Women’s black blouse style

Look 6 

This look is also great to wear for a night out; the black strappy sandals make this look fun and funky. I’m also wearing a pair of super stylish wide-legged trousers. I like the contrast between the body-hugging blouse and the loose-fitting trousers. I’ve put on a plaid blazer over my shoulders which looks super sophisticated and takes the look up a notch.

In this tutorial, I’ve stayed away from accessories to focus on what clothes you can style the black blouse with, but accessories such as statement necklaces would work really well. A black blouse is a super simple but essential piece to have and as I’ve shown you, there are so many different ways in which you can wear it. 

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