Learn How to Rock a Peasant Blouse With These Five Different Styles

by Loepsie
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I LOVE the peasant blouse. I think it’s such a great piece of fashion and I love how versatile it is. It can be worn in so many different ways to achieve so many different styles. In this tutorial, I will be walking you through five of my absolute favorite styles for wearing peasant blouses. So keep reading and let me know which one you like best!

White peasant blouse style
Cinched at the waist

Throw a vest over the peasant blouse that cinches your waist. You’ll love the way these two items complement each other! Then all you’ve got to do is pair it with a midi plaid skirt and you are rocking that autumnal look.

Off the shoulder peasant blouse

When you don’t have that waist definition, it’s always a good move to pair bulkier items with slimmer ones. So grab a pair of skinny pants and tuck your shirt into them. Peasant shirts are elastic at the top so to complete the look, just pull the sleeves over your shoulders and you’ve got a totally elegant style! You can also throw on a wide belt to really pull the look together.

Folklore peasant blouse style
Folklore look

Sometimes you want to go full vintage, and a peasant blouse can really help you achieve that. Pair it with a plain black midi skirt, even a modern one, and you’ve got yourself a super cool folk look that you can rock in a casual setting.

How to wear a peasant blouse
Pair it with a pinafore

If you ask me, peasant blouses and pinafore dresses are a match made in heaven. I just love how the pillowy sleeves of the blouse look with the style of the pinafore dress. If you’re not into skirts, though, you can achieve a similar look with a pair of dungarees or overalls, too. Try it out!

Women’s peasant blouse style
Dressed up with accessories

You can achieve a totally modern look with a peasant blouse, as well. Throw on a high-waisted skirt and pull the blouse off your shoulders. Pull up your sleeves to create a more ethereal look and don’t forget to accessorize by adding on a nice belt and some jewelry! 

Different peasant blouse styles

There you go! Five awesome styles to wear your peasant blouse in! As I said, this item is such a versatile piece of fashion so there are tons of other more ways and styles in which you can wear them. I specifically showed you styles that I myself wear, but I’d love to see the way you wear yours, so show me in the comments section! 

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