Day-to-Night Lookbook: How to Style Clothes for the Day & Evening

Adonia Bree
by Adonia Bree

In this day-to-night lookbook, I’m going to be styling some daytime outfits and then dressing them up so they are evening-appropriate. Doing this allows me to get maximum versatility out of my clothes, and I also find it an enjoyable challenge to style one outfit in two different ways. Let’s jump on in!

How to style a off-shoulder crop top in the day

1. Off-shoulder crop top

The first daytime look is this off-shoulder crop top that I paired with these track pants and booties. I know that even for a daytime look, this is quite dressed up, but that’s just me; I always like to be looking on point.

I love how the track pants are flared at the bottom and have the option to undo some of the poppers to reveal some leg, which I’ve done.

Wearing a off-shoulder crop top at night

To dress it up for the nighttime look, I added a faux leather jacket, a beret, and some sunglasses. Simply adding accessories to an outfit is a really easy way to take it in a different direction.

What to wear with an off-shoulder set

2. Off-shoulder set

Next, I have this red off-shoulder set which looks quite very similar to the black set that I just styled. In the daytime, on a warmer day, this will be a perfect outfit. I'll be taking this with me on my upcoming trip to Jamaica.

How to style an off-shoulder set

For the nighttime look, I added a red beret, booties, and some glasses once again, and I also switched the skirt to this red patent one. I like how the patent material brings some shine to the outfit; it’s always good to have some different textures in your look.

Styling a lace-up bodysuit in the day

3. Lace-up bodysuit 

For the next outfit, I’m wearing a lace bodysuit worn with a denim wrap skirt, a moto jacket, and some heels. The lace bodysuit is quite sexy, but the addition of the denim skirt instantly makes it more casual and turns it into an outfit that I could wear on a day-to-day basis.

Wearing a lace-up bodysuit with jeans

Here we have the nighttime look. I know what you’re thinking; people don’t typically think of jeans as being evening attire. But I really like how they are distressed a the knees as I think this gives them a punch of personality.

Ultimately there are no rules with any of this, and if you want to go to a nightclub wearing a pair of jeans, you sure can, girl.

How to style a floral romper

4. Floral romper

For this daytime look, I paired a red floral playsuit with some sneakers and a denim jacket. I'm really starting to love red as it is such a bright and vibrant color for the summer.

Floral romper with a leather jacket

For the night look, I styled it slightly differently by doing up the ties around my waist. I added a black moto jacket for a more chic vibe and also a red beret which gives me an urban, street-style feel. I now have the perfect outfit for going out in the city at night.

Styling a gingham ruffle skirt

5. Gingham ruffle skirt

I love this gingham ruffle skirt, and I styled it with a white t-shirt and some sneakers. I tied up the t-shirt in the middle for a cropped effect which adds some more interest than a plain tee would.

Lastly, keeping the black and white theme, I added a black belt for a subtle accessory. Oh, and don’t forget about my signature shades.

Day-to-night outfit ideas

For the evening look, I switched out the white t-shirt for a buckle crop top and a moto jacket. I’m also wearing some black booties and a black hat. If you find it hard to style different colors and shades, opt for a black and white outfit because you can’t go wrong with one.

How to dress up and dress down clothes

6. Bell-sleeve tie top

Last up, I’m styling a bell-sleeve tie top. For the daytime look, I paired it with a black and white striped skirt, heels, and some sunglasses. I think that the midi-length skirt really complements the cropped length of the blouse and makes for a cohesive look. Here again, I’m rocking black and white.

Day-to-night lookbook

For the nighttime look, I switched the skirt to something shorter, a black vinyl mini, and I added some patent leather booties. As I mentioned before, I love this type of shiny material as it instantly draws your attention to it. I also really like how this skirt has a built-in belt.

Day-to-night lookbook

That brings us to the end of our day-to-night lookbook. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I’ve styled the same piece two ways. Creating multiple looks out of the same pieces will allow you to get maximum versatility out of your wardrobe.

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