7 Life-Saving Early Spring Style Tips & Hacks That Are Super Practical

With warmer and sunnier days coming, Giedre is going to show you some early spring style hacks. She will also point out the fashion errors you might encounter and tell you how to avoid them. Follow these tips, and you’ll be looking spring chic in no time.

1. Wide-leg pants + wet weather

Giedre is a big fan of wide-leg pants and believes they are a beautiful option for many different body shapes. However, there is one thing to avoid: wide-leg pants combined with wet weather.

With puddles on the ground, the result is quite obvious: the longer the pants, the wetter they will get.

How to stop pants from getting wet

Giedre’s trick is simply adding an elastic band. Adding an elastic won't allow your wide-leg pants to move on the wet ground freely.

Yes, it will change the fit while you’re wearing the elastic, but when you arrive at the place you’re going to, you can remove them or wear the elastic in your pants all day long. 

Creating a new look by protecting pants from rain

This trick means that your pants will stay dry and can create two different looks with one pair of pants.

2. Too many layers

Those of us who are into fashion are happy when the colder weather hits because that means that you can add more and more layers, which is cool because it helps to add dimension to a look.

However, the downside of this is that layers can cause a person to get hot and sweaty. 

How to layer without getting too warm

In Giedre's what to wear in winter style guide, she spoke about fake bibs and this is a great solution for you if you want to add an additional layer without adding bulk to your frame. 

Wearing a short-sleeved shirt under a sweater

Another great option that Giedre just discovered is a short-sleeved shirt under a sweater. 

Adding a shirt under outfits as a light layer

She doesn't know how she didn’t think about this earlier, but Giedre is delighted that she discovered it because she can add this shirt under so many of her evening dresses, sweaters, and blazers. 

How to wear jewelry with knits without snagging

3. Jewelry plus knits

Just a couple of weeks ago, Giedre ruined her favorite sweater by wearing a longer necklace that pulled the fabric and ripped its surface. Then she remembered that rings are a really good option.

Rings are an easy way to spice up your look without adding too many details. 

4. A plain look

Sometimes you might discover outfit formulas that work well for you; however, you might find that you just stick to one or a few outfits that work for you, and you cannot see how you can add interest or spice up your look.

A plain spring look

Giedre noticed that she has been enjoying the company of a button-down shirt plus pants recently; this combination looks smart but not too formal, and she feels comfortable but not too restricted.

However, she noticed that it felt unfinished and that she had totally forgotten about the third piece. 

Spring fashion tips

Giedre found an asymmetrical cut vest that flatters her proportions and has a little bit of edge to it, and it works perfectly with a simply button-down. It makes her feel more put-together and confident.

5. Boring cardigan

Giedre usually wears her cardigan open because if she did it up, the proportions wouldn’t look flattering.

Spring style tips

Recently she discovered a trick for how you can wear your cardigan without looking bulky or boring, and that is to button it up in a different way.

You take the last button and put it into the second to last buttonhole, and then you take the second to last button and put it in the last buttonhole. 

How to button a cardigan to make it cropped

Simply by mismatching the holes and buttons, you get this cropped cardigan effect which is cropped only in the front and means that you have your safety blanket in the back.

This is a great technique to wear the cardigan in a flattering way.

6. Flying belt

Long wool coat with a tie belt

Giedre loves wearing long wool coats; however, what bugs her is that sometimes the belt falls through the loops and comes off. 

How to tie coat ties at the back

So her very simple trick is to take your belt and loop it around the loop of the belt and make a very delicate knot. It’s not visible, and it’s super easy.

7. Bulky tuck

Mixing fabrics is a beautiful option if you want to add interest, and Giedre loves wearing skirts with a silky finish. The proportions are also really important in creating the visual harmony within your look.

So Giedre likes to opt for a belt or go for a half-tuck or front tuck. However, by tucking in a very bulky sweater, you will get some lumps and bumps around your waist area. 

How to tuck in a sweater without looking bulky

To resolve this, all you have to do is tuck your sweater not behind your skirt, but tuck it in behind your tights or even underwear (which, in this case, should both be high-waisted).

Your tights or underwear will create that pressure, soften the sweater's edges, and prevent any bulks or lumps.

Early spring style tips

Early spring style tips

Giedre hopes you enjoyed those seven tips for how to look chic this spring.

By avoiding the errors that she mentioned, you’ll miss out on a lot of hassle and fashion bloopers, and you’ll look stylish and comfortable instead!

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