Fall 2022: How to Keep up With Fashion Trends Without Shopping

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Today, I'm doing my favorite thing which is shopping my closet for three of my favorite fall 2022 looks that I saw on the runway.

I love doing this exercise at the beginning of every season because it encourages me to see what’s in my closet before I buy anything new. Keep reading to find out how to keep up with fashion trends.

Elegant white shirt and jeans

1. Elegant white shirt and jeans

The first outfit has a minimal quality without much embellishment. I love the neutral color palette.

When it comes to the structure in the silhouette, I like the crisp and elegant blazer.

The jeans, despite having some ripped detail, are sleek and minimal. We're so used to seeing ankle-cut denim we don't really see too much denim going all the way down to the foot, this creates a great proportion. I also like the cinched-in waist as well as the mix of textures in the outfit. 

Elegant white shirt and jeans

Here, I tied my shirt at the back. If you want to give your body some definition but don't want to necessarily highlight your waist with a big belt, this can be a really nice option.

The only straight-leg jeans that I have are cropped so that makes us lose the elongated and lengthening look but because I've got the nude sandals, I still get that similar effect. 

Elegant white shirt and jeans

I tried this with my wide-leg pants to see if I could get that length. I think the heaviness of the bag balances out the volume in the jeans.

However, because they are so slouchy, this is definitely not as elegant and has a completely different vibe.

Elegant white shirt and jeans

Here, I swapped out the accessories for the brown ones and it does feel a little bit better from a proportion and lengthening perspective. 

Elegant white shirt and jeans

I also tried this with a blazer. I wanted to cinch the blazer at the waist with a brooch, but I didn’t have one so went with a belt instead. A heavy belt cinches the waist in a more architectural way, it's less subtle and it also brings more attention to the waist.

I used my brown belt so that there was as little contrast as possible. I think that denim jeans that are a little bit leaner but still have that length would have been more appropriate to balance out the boxiness of the blazer. 

Neutral blazer over black

2. Neutral blazer over black

This second outfit gives off an elegant, classic, and minimal vibe. I like how there's a balance between the harder structure of the clean, crisp lines of the blazer and the slouchiness and the big volume of the pants.

In terms of proportions, we've got a high waist that is cinched with the belt but it's not a standout. What's really standing out is the columns that the contrasting colors are making. 

Neutral blazer over black

This look is about the silhouette and having those nice flowy wide legs as well as the high contrast and creating that column. I used my wide-leg pants and a shiny black belt to break up the silhouette and add a bit of depth.

I don't have any boots with me, so I just used the bulkiest shoes I have, which are sneakers. I really didn't think sneakers would work but I think because everything else is so sleek and elevated, they don’t feel too out of place. Also, probably because the majority of it is covered by the wide-leg pants, they don’t seem so in your face.

Maxi skirt and black sweater

3. Maxi skirt and black sweater

This last look is a little ambitious on my part but I'm so enamored with this look and how cool, chic and effortless it looks. The outfit has a dressy, elevated, and yet very easy and relaxed vibe.

The proportions on this look are really interesting - long proportions with the flowy dress and also something long and cocoon-like on top. There's also a lot of contrast in the texture that provides great tension in this look.

Maxi skirt and black sweater

I think this is a perfect look for transitioning summer to fall, although it can be difficult to mix these heavy and light fabrics together without looking weird.

Here, I felt like even though the shoe in our inspiration was really delicate, it looks way too out of place. There is already a very obvious mix in texture, something really light with something heavy plus a very high contrast color combination. There's already so much tension that the footwear does not need to add to it.

Maxi skirt and black sweater

Instead, I went with something more neutral and low profile so that it blends in and allows the eye to take in all of those other very strong elements of style.

How to keep up with fashion trends without shopping

There we have my runway-inspired looks for fall 2022, all created by shopping my own closet and not buying anything new.

Let me know if you liked these looks. Maybe you’ll have a go at recreating some runway looks yourself.

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  • 12022281875 12022281875 on Nov 03, 2022

    I’m in love with the “kitten heels” in black that u wear in other videos as well. Would you possibly tell me where you purchased these? I’ve looked everywhere to no avail. Thank u so much…

  • Janice Janice on Nov 07, 2022

    Nice! Love your sense of style! Thanx for sharing!