How to Plan Your Vacation Outfits

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Going on vacation (or staycation, which is usually the case for me!) is an excellent opportunity to put your capsule wardrobe tips and tricks into practice. You can only take so many items with you so it's important that they should all coordinate together well, so a mini capsule wardrobe is the perfect solution.

The first thing to do is decide on a colour palette for your holiday. Scroll through Pinterest for outfits that would work for where you're going, bearing in mind the weather forecast, the activities you'll be doing and the location's general vibe. Keep pinning and a colour palette will likely reveal itself on its own, though you may need to do a bit of reordering and decluttering of your board before you get there.

For my recent trip to Cornwall, I knew it was going to be a high temperature (for England, anyway!) but as it was by the seaside I knew there'd be a sea breeze, so I packed mostly summer pieces but also took a cream hoodie just in case I got chilly in the evenings.

I settled on sage green and cream as my base colour palette, then also took accessories in tan and deeper greens as these would work well with the two aforementioned colours.

This white ribbed midi skirt (similar option linked) was perfect for dinner in the evenings. I took this cream crop top from Pretty Lavish as well as a black vest top to wear with it and I just had the one bag, in dark green, to coordinate with all my outfits.

I also took a pair of 'flatform' sandals in sage green but actually never reached for these, as I was doing so much walking that the tan slides were just more comfortable. I was glad I took them though as it's always nice to have options, but I know now that there's not much point taking more than one higher pair of shoes on holiday with me.

You can of course throw in other colours, ensuring they coordinate with what you've already packed. My yellow floral dress from Vinted has some lovely green shades within the pattern so it worked well with the rest of my Cornwall capsule wardrobe.

In terms of sunglasses, I could definitely have gotten away with just one pair. However, I like to try to stick to only 3 colours in one outfit if I can, so I also took a black pair to coordinate with my black vest top. You definitely don't need more than 1 pair of tortoiseshell and 1 pair of black sunglasses in your wardrobe, whether it's your holiday wardrobe or your permanent one! (Unless you are a big fan of sunglasses and want them in lots of colours and styles, in which case, enjoy.)

If you've been working on streamlining your wardrobe already, then there should be no need to go out and purchase lots of items for your holiday. (Not that that stops us.) I didn't make any special purchases for Cornwall and just chose from what I already owned, including this sage green Amazon dress which has served me so well since I bought it around a month ago. I have lived in it! It was great for my holiday as the shirred top means I can wear it without a bra, a godsend in hot weather.

You of course need to pack a hat too for summer holidays, as too much sun can make you feel ill! A straw hat without any colourful accents will work with every single outfit and you can get beautiful ones at really affordable prices.

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