4 Bold, Bright & Colorful Summer Vacation Outfits to Take on Your Trip

Today, I’m going to be showing you some summer vacation outfits. These pieces are perfect for any type of summer vacation and are also perfect summer outfits overall. Let's get started!

Peach cutout dress for the summer

1. Cutout Dress

The first summer vacation outfit idea that I’m sharing is a cutout dress. Obsessed is an understatement. When the cutout trend came out, I was one of the people who said, “Yeah, this is really not for me,” but, in this dress, it’s sexy but subtle.

The cutouts are on the side and it has a bit of a criss-cross style which I really love. I feel like this is the perfect summer dress. I really love the rusty color, and it’s super trendy with the cutouts.

Overall, it just fits super comfy and it’s definitely a great dress that can work for any summer or vacation outfit. 

What to wear on a summer vacation

I’m accessorizing this dress with a pair of brown and nude tassel earrings. This is a nice pair of statement earrings without overdoing it. Depending on how big or wild your cutouts are, you don’t want to over-accessorize because it will look like you’re doing too much, so earrings like this work perfectly. 

Colorful summer vacation outfits

For the shoes, I’m adding a pair of nude wedges. You can never go wrong with a pair of nude espadrille wedges; they match anything and everything. 

How to accessories summer vacation outfits

To finish off the look, I’m adding a nude, straw handbag. This is a bag I would wear all summer long to complete any beach, pool, or vacation outfit and it’s the perfect complement to the dress.

Yellow dress for the summer

2. Yellow dress

For the next outfit, I’m styling a yellow dress. This dress is super flowy, very vibrant, and definitely screams summer. I really love the flowy style and the sleeves, and the back has a big opening. With a dress like this, you definitely have to wear some kind of special bra or no bra. 

Using double-sided tape for a bra hack

A nice trick I learned from TikTok is to take out the padding part of a swimsuit or strapless bra and attach it with some double-sided tape. This creates a nice bra style without showing anything on the back. 

Open-back dress for the summer

This dress is super girly, super chic, has a nice little sexy touch with the open back, and the bright yellow color is also trending.

Styling a bright dress in a summer

For the earrings, I’m wearing a pair of pink dangling earrings. I wanted to give this look an all bright, bold color vibe so I felt it was perfect to add the pink earrings.

Color blocking outfit for the summer

For the shoes, I added a pair of hot pink strappy heels. Color blocking is a big trend for this spring and summer, so I’m color blocking the yellow dress with the pink shoes.

Accessorizing with a wicker bag

To finish off the look, I’m adding another wicker bag. I love this bag; it’s such a statement, summer bag and I feel like we all need at least one statement summer bag in our wardrobe.

For me, this bag is it. It has a nice beautiful design on the front and I love the mix of colors and print, as well as the straw material. Straw and wicker are perfect for bags in the summer and complete any summer look.

Wearing a bright blouse with white jeans

3. Green top

Let’s take a break from dresses so I can share this perforated, green top. I’m loving more green pieces this season; it’s very bright and bold and helps create a great summer outfit.

I’m pairing it with a pair of white denim jeans, which causes the green top to stand out even more. It gives it that fresh, summery vibe. Even though the top is long sleeve, it’s perforated all over, so it’s very breathable.

Even if you’re on vacation and at night you want to dress up for dinner without wearing a dress, you can mix it up with a pair of white jeans and a statement top like this.

Wearing white jeans in the summer

Since the top has a deep v-neck, I’m adding a gold neck as an accessory and a pair of gold hoop earrings.

How to style a bright blouse

For the shoes, I’m adding a pair of open toe mules in a bright, hot coral color. I told you guys I love color blocking and color in general, and it’s a big trend for this season.

Cute blouse outfits for the summer

To finish off the look, I’m adding a nude bag that has some gold details to it.

See my previous tutorial for more summery outfits with white jeans.

Red dress for the summer

4. Red dress

For the last summer vacation outfit idea, I’m styling a red dress. The minute I saw this dress, I thought of the song Lady in Red. It’s a hot, bright, and bold red and this red is trending for the season. It’s flowy on the bottom, sleeveless, and the back is out as well.

Dresses like this have a nice, sexy touch but are still subtle. It has a nice statement without doing too much. 

Bold outfits for the summer

I’m accessorizing this look with a pair of big, gold earrings. These are a pair of statement earrings that stand out with this bright, bold red dress.

How to wear bold colors in the summer

For the shoes, I kept them simple with a pair of transparent heels. because I wanted to give the dress its own shine without adding any other colors. The key to this look is just letting the red pop.

Bright & colorful summer vacation outfits

To finish off the look, I’m adding a red handbag with gold details. 

Bright & colorful summer vacation outfits

I hope you guys enjoyed these summer vacation outfit ideas! I love wearing bright and colorful pieces for the summer. Let me know which is your favorite down below.

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