Check Out These Six Ways to Style Plaid and Flannel

Taren Denise
by Taren Denise

Fall is here and, I don’t know about you, but I love to dress for the season! That, of course, means lots of plaid and flannel. I decided to recreate some styles I’ve seen with plaid or flannel, and you can watch the video to see the inspiration photos for each look! Though I’m using different shirts for each of these outfits, you can create these looks with the same shirt for all of them.

Flannel style
Open plaid shirt

For the first look I recreated, I started with my favorite pair of jeans and a white T-shirt tucked into them. I then put on a green and blue plaid shirt and kept it unbuttoned so that the white of the T-shirt matched with my white sneakers. Though the look I was copying didn’t have a belt, I felt like something was missing, and I love the way my brown belt with a buckle completed the look. 

Flannel shirt style
Cardigan over a plaid shirt

For this next look, I kept on the same jeans and buttoned-up that same green and blue plaid shirt. I then layered a tan duster cardigan over the shirt, rolling up the sleeves of the shirt from under the cardigan. I paired this look with some ankle booties and love the end result. 

How to style a flannel shirt
Casual vibes

My style is usually more casual, so that’s what I was going for with this next one. I put on a large men’s flannel over a basic black t-shirt and left it unbuttoned. For the bottoms, I went with faux leather leggings to give the outfit a little edge and finished off the look with some black and white sneakers. If it’s colder where you live but you still want to wear this style, switch out the leggings for jeans and wear a sweater under the plaid shirt and you’ll be ready for winter!

Fall flannel
Men’s jacket

In another casual outfit, I kept the same leggings and sneakers. I changed my shirt, though, to a gray v-neck top. For the plaid, I’m actually wearing my husband’s flannel jacket, and since it’s neutral-colored, I think any colored t-shirt would work well under it. I think that with black jeans instead of leggings, this outfit would work perfectly for cooler weather. Since this is a more sporty look, I decided to tie up my hire and put in some braided stud earrings. 

Plaid style
Add some edge

For an edgier look, I grabbed some distressed shorts and put them on over black tights. I added a black t-shirt that matched my black biker booties and finished off the look with an unbuttoned gray plaid shirt. I kept my hair up for this one because I felt like it was the right move for this look. This outfit would also look cool with the t-shirt tucked in and the plaid shirt tied in the front.

Plaid shirt stye
Ready for winter

For a more wintery look, I went back to that green-blue plaid from earlier. I layered a white vest jacket over the shirt and kept the shirt’s sleeves long and buttoned. I then paired the look with some dark jeans and over-the-knee brown boots. This look is adorable and I love the style. 

How to style plaid

Honestly, you guys, I love all of these looks, and I am so excited to wear them all. I think my personal favorite is either the last look with the green and blue plaid shirt and vest or one of the oversized looks. Which of these is your favorite? Also, I’d love to see your own favorite plaid outfit, so definitely leave me a picture of it in the comments! 

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  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Nov 24, 2020

    I LOVE what u did with the tights and shorts..never thought of that ! You are a beautiful curvy woman !! You go girl !! Rock those curves !!!