Is White After Labor Day A Yay or Nay?

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by _cabi addicts_

Growing up in the South, it was an unspoken rule in my family that you put away your white jeans on Labor Day and all of your white outfits until the arrival of Spring the next year. Therefore Labor Day and the month of September was bittersweet as I packed away half of my wardrobe and dreamed of warmer days ahead.

When I moved further North and discussed the "rule" of no white after Labor Day, I was met with raised eyebrows and finger wags as people disagreed with my unspoken "rule." As a home economist teacher, my mother thought every occasion deserved it's own outfit which is why my closet is the size of some bedrooms in NYC! I have an outfit for any and all situations and occasions. Will this Southern gal actually be able to break her rule and embrace white pants after Labor Day?! I think she just may!

One of my favorite places I've visited in the Fall for an Indian summer is San Francisco. The air is brisk in the morning followed by a warm sunny day. Wearing layers during the transition from Summer into Winter in the months of September and October is ideal. A three quarter length shirt over a tank is the perfect way to look fashionable when the weather gives you a 20 degree difference between night and day. Thick white jeans give the warmth you need on your legs during the fluctuating temps.

If a little more coverage is needed, a cute jean jacket over a tank never goes out of style! Tanks that look like the leaves changing color give an instant fall vibe. Perfect for a morning at the farmers market or fair. Only thing missing from this stylish outfit is a cup of pumpkin spice latte!

As the Fall progresses and the holidays approach, a sweater worn over a denim shirt can be a fun way to stay warm and be on trend. The white jeans definitely make this outfit stand out with a cute pair of booties which compliment the entire look.

Open toed booties are also a great way to transition from Summer to Fall. This gorgeous mock turtleneck with white pants is a cute outfit that easily transitions from casual work day to fashionable date night outfit with friends.

I decided to finally embrace the white after Labor Day trend and take on a bolder approach. Choosing a deep plum colored cami under a lace white sweater and white jeans gives a pop of color to the otherwise slenderizing monochromatic look. A beautiful back laced sweater allows you to incorporate fall colors into your wardrobe while holding onto the brightness of summer days.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone as the weather turns cooler, I enjoy wearing white! It reminds me of winter wonderlands and snuggling under your favorite winter white blanket while sipping cocoa. I guess a Southern girl can learn new "rules" and look fashionable at the same time!

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