What Makes for a Good "Maternity Top" in the 3rd Trimester

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by Berta Lily
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Are you getting larger with every passing day and still don't want to buy maternity clothes? Cool me too! Here are three tops for your third trimester.

What makes for a comfy sweat shirt where your belly doesn't hang out the bottom? Your partners sweatshirt of course! My husbands clothes fit like a glove these days.

Throw a shaket on top to make for a cute look. No it doesn't still button but who the heck cares, you are probably sweating from walking up a flight of stairs anyway!

Another great maternity top... a none maternity dress!

OK this would be WAY too short now a days as a shirt, but with a pair of maternity leggings it looks so cute (not trying to show everyone where babies come from after all) but as a top, its perfect!

Also, doesn't hurt to have some slip on Uggs as shoes. No I cant tie my own shoes anymore.

The biggest difference between regular shirts and maternity shirts is length. It's crazy but by the time you get to your 3rd trimester all your normal tops are belly shirts and you look like the "Blue Meanie" in them (what my husband said my clothes fit like, look it up! I am a saint for still liking him icon ).

But you know what "shirts" are basically the same length as maternity shirts? SHIRT dresses! luckily these were pretty popular last summer and I have them in a bunch of different colors!

Suggested materials:
  • Men's sweatshirt   (your partners closet)
  • Baby doll dress   (your closet)
  • Shirt dress   (your closet)

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