What To Wear for the Fourth of July

Kastle Waserman
by Kastle Waserman

Every year we celebrate America’s independence with a rousing show of our flag colors of red, white and blue, parties and the watching of fireworks.

If you’re hosting a party this year or invited to one, you may wonder what to wear. Since the holiday falls on the fourth of July in the middle of summer, you’ll want to dress for hot weather but still look stylish and festive.

Of course, you want to look for anything in the colors of the day: red, white and blue and wear what is appropriate for the event you are attending.

Here are some ideas for what to wear on the Fourth of July.

Red, White and Blue Separates

If you think you don’t have anything that includes all three of the flag colors and you don’t want to buy something new just for the day, shop your closet. You may find you have separates in all three colors. Wear them together, and voila! I found I had a red t-shirt (nice and cool for a summer’s day), a navy blue cardigan (perfect for when it cools down at night to watch fireworks), and some white capri pants and white sandals. This outfit can take me from day to night. During the day, when the weather is warm, I’ll simply tie my cardigan sweater around my neck or waist to keep the color palette going.  Shop separates.

Anything With Stars on It

Our nation’s flag features 50 stars representing our 50 states. So it’s only appropriate that wearing anything with a star print works perfectly for the Fourth of July. I had this navy skort with a star print to start with. The color is already in the colors of the day, so I combined it with a simple white t-shirt and red accessories – a neck scarf and cute sneakers. It’s a casual outfit that I can run around in for parties, a breakout game of Frisbee, bike riding or any other activity that may come up.  Shop stars.


I absolutely love the gingham print for summer. It just has a cute, carefree vibe and quaint country style. The checkered print brings about thoughts of home and simple pleasures. Gingham print is easy to find in the summer. Put on anything in blue or red gingham, and you’re immediately in the Fourth of July spirit!  Shop gingham.

Red, White and Blue Accessories

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look festive for the Fourth of July. Some simple accessories will do the trick. I had this vintage scarf and belt in my collection that both have red, white and blue colors. I put them together with a red pencil skirt, a short sleeve white button-down top and red heels for a dressier look if plans call for going out to dinner or a more upscale gathering.  Shop accessories.

So now that you have some ideas for what to wear on the Fourth of July, what outfit will you put together? And share what you plan to do to celebrate the holiday in the comments!

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