Easiest Way To Tie Paperbag Shorts

by Trending_with_trina

What are paperbag shorts?

Shorts that cinch at the smallest part of your waist and have some sort of fabric belt. Usually It creates a scrunched appearance like someone held a paper bag. There are also paperbag style pants which just create the same illusion.

When do you wear paperbag shorts?

Now! Whenever! Paperbag shorts were a huge trend in Spring 2022 so they're only gaining steam headed into Summer. You can dress them down with a tank top for an easy day out. Or throw on an oversized blazer and pumps and turn your shirts into a fun professional outfit.

Since all paperbag shorts come with a fabric belt I am dedicating this post to the easiest way to tie your shorts. Sometimes the classic bow just doesn't go so next time try this!

Here is a reel I made showing step-by-step.

Tie once and make a loop

Wrap the other tie around and through the opening in the front

Pull tight and adjust

I have this reel and other fashion tricks like this on my Instagram @trending_with_trina follow me and let me know what you think!

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