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Look (siigghh) ... I know what you are thinking, no way, no how would I ever be caught dead in a huge oversized prairie dress.

HEAR ME OUT! They can be heinous, however, this one I stumbled upon IS NOT! I have come to the conclusion that you need to find the RIGHT one.

I, too. have been strolling the aisles at Target and see all the huge neck high floral dresses and you gag at the sight because you're like this is for a 6-year-old ha!

My biggest piece of advice is to take your time choosing. Put it on and access your feelings. Do you feel good? How does the dress make you feel? Are you comfortable? Really take it in before you jump into it!

I found mine, and I am so excited to share the different ways I styled mine! The buttons are functional which can also make for a cover (not sharing that today). I have been super into quality or quantity lately and this hit the spot!

This first look consists of a beautiful rancher hat, and basic tie sandals, along with this dress. It does have a pretty high neckline, I tucked the first few buttons in for a more v-neck look. I love a minimalist style, and this fits the bill for a nice Spring / Summer OOTD.

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Next up is my casual look. There is literally not an outfit in the world you cant fix with a jean jacket and tennis shoes! Same with this dress! It's pretty bland in the "extra" sense, so we spice it up with accessories!

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Lastly, the boots. Need I say more? Most people will discount boots because the weather is getting warmer, but I promise they are a thing season-round. I choose these loose fitted Ugg booties I have had in my closet for years! It gave the dress a little more edgy look with class on the side.

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No matter the dress you choose for your. It can be styled in so many different way! Which look would you go for?!

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