Easy Ways to Make Fall Basics Look Chic

If you are looking to level up your outfit game and make your clothes look a little more put together and intentional, this tutorial is definitely for you! I am going to show you how you can create beautiful looks from your closet basics! It’s so simple and easy to always look and feel put together so you will definitely be strutting your stuff this season with some gorgeous outfits! Follow my easy style hacks and learn some super easy styling tips to turn your fall basics into chic outfits for this season!

Basic fall outfits

Before we can get started with the styling tips to create gorgeous, chic outfits it’s important to cover the basics and in this case, that means, choosing your base. You need to decide whether you want to wear a dress, jumpsuit, or separate pieces. It is fall so hosiery should be a consideration, especially because they are so in right now. Another really important factor to consider is you! Think about your mood and what you want to wear. 

Roll your sleeves
Tuck, cuff, and roll

Once you have the basics covered, you can begin to style up your outfit! There are a couple of different tricks to taking your basic pieces and making them chic! You can cuff your shirt sleeves and also roll up your sweater sleeves. In the fall this works perfectly, especially if you want to show off a watch or a couple of bracelets. 

Roll up your pants

Another amazing way to add to your outfit is by cuffing at the ankles. If you have a shorter, more petite figure, I suggest creating a small cuff or even a pin roll at the bottom of your pants. You’ll still be showing your ankle and creating that elongating effect, without exaggerating the bottom half of your body. 

Tuck in your sweater

A way to look more put together this fall and create an intentional outfit is by tucking in your sweater. Now some of you may not feel comfortable doing a full tuck, but there are so many different ways to tuck in that the options almost seem endless! 

Swap your shoes
Swap out your shoes

Another amazing styling tip is to swap out your shoes. In the fall it’s so easy to just throw on a pair of sneakers or rain boots. Choosing a shoe with a little bit more of an edge or a dressier shoe can really take a look from basic and casual to chic. Knee-high boots are all the rage, so if you have a pair, fall is the perfect season to rock them! 

Basic outfits for fall
Add layers

Layering in the fall doesn’t have to be complicated. I like to start with a thin layer so that I don’t feel uncomfortable as I'm adding more layers. 

Layer on top

You can also layer your outerwear. In this look, I layered a faux fur vest over my denim jacket and I love the style it creates! Another simple and sophisticated styling technique is layering with a scarf. 

Layer on the bottom

People often forget that another great way to layer an outfit is by adding hosiery. Whether you wear a cute pair of tights or add a thin pair of trouser socks, this technique will definitely leave you looking high-fashion for the fall. 

Play with texture
Add and play with texture

Adding texture to a look is another excellent way to create a chic outfit! In addition to just adding a textured piece to a look, you can also go a little wild and combine textures.

Add a belt

Lastly, Nothing pulls together an outfit more than accessories! I love a good belt. It helps accentuate your figure and add so much style to any look. 

Clothing staples for fall

Jewelry is another great accessory for the colder seasons! Fall is the perfect opportunity to break out your heftier and more statement pieces.

Fall clothing staples

Scarves are of course another great fall accessory! They can be styled in so many different ways and there are always so many colors and textures to choose from.

Style jeans and a sweater

Using all my tips and tricks, I have put together a little lookbook. The first outfit I transformed was a basic sweater and jeans. 

Style a dress

For this next look, I totally leveled up this dress and created a fall fashion statement outfit by following my styling hacks. 

Style a skirt and shirt

I made this more professional skirt and shirt outfit, look absolutely fabulous for fall.

Style culottes and a turtleneck

I also took this culottes and turtleneck base and transformed it into an edgy look perfect for this cold season! 

Style black jeans and a sweater

For my fifth look, I followed my tips and tricks and created an absolute fall fashion statement look by adding to the jeans and sweater base. 

It's so easy to take basic fall outfits and make them chic! Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

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