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by Emma Does Fashion

Premium and luxury clothing brands are a dream to buy from, but in order to make those once-in-a-lifetime purchases, you have to look after the pennies in the first place. Today's post is all about some clever fashion hacks that will help you save up for that Chanel handbag or Burberry coat.

The deadliest habit when it comes to clothes shopping is impulse buying. You must break this habit now if you want a capsule wardrobe full of beautiful pieces that you will love forever!

One way that you can avoid impulse purchases is to leave the item where it is just for now and you can always come back later if you are still thinking about it. If it's the only one left, there's no shame in hiding it behind something else in the shop! But don't worry if you're buying online, because often the 'low in stock' warning is just a marketing ploy.

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When it comes to online shopping, a good rule of thumb is to only order from one store at a time. Don't make any more unnecessary online purchases until you have made any returns you need to make.

It can often feel like a chore to go to the post office to return clothes that don't fit, and the more parcels you have, the bigger the chore is going to feel. What you really don't want is to procrastinate for so long that you end up missing the returns deadline and being stuck with clothes that don't fit or suit you!

Secondhand shopping is both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. I picked up this Aspinal of London bag from eBay for around 60% off of the retail price! Charity shop shopping and using thrift websites is a great way to save money on big brands. You have to have a lot of patience to sift through rails and scroll down webpages but it's worth it when you find that amazing bargain.

If you are a dab hand with a sewing needle, you can also buy cheaper basics and sew interesting embellishments on them to make your clothes and accessories look more expensive. If you like the Aspinal of London bag but not the price-tag, maybe you could sew some luggage patch embellishments on to an otherwise plain crossbody and get the look for less.

Curating your wardrobe should be all about quality over quantity and that doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. A quality item doesn't necessarily mean a Lady Dior bag. What does quality mean to you? In my mind, quality over quantity means buying one dress that looks amazing on my figure and makes me feel comfortable and confident, rather than 10 £5 dresses that make me feel frumpy.

The above dress is from Silkfred. It's not expensive but, because it suits me and is comfortable to walk around in all day, I think of it as one of the higher-quality pieces in my collection.

However there's definitely a place in my heart for premium pieces like this wrap coat from Ted Baker. If you love clothing like this, check out the sale section of these brand's websites. You can save a lot of money on brands like Reiss, Sweaty Betty and others by keeping a careful eye on their sale section.

Karma is also a great app if you see something you like but don't want to pay full price as you can set it to alert you whenever there is a price change.

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