OFFICE OUTFIT IDEAS (Workwear Lookbook)

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Knowing what to wear to the office has always been difficult, especially now that a lot of us work from home and don't have to think about it as often! It's a good idea to have a capsule work wardrobe so you're never spending ages trying to decide what to wear, missing your bus and having a rubbish morning that ultimately ruins your entire working day.

A black shirt dress like this one from H&M is perfect for the office, especially as a transitional piece now that we are coming into Spring. (I normally wouldn't say this so early, but oh my goodness this has been a mild winter! Typical Brit, I know, talking about the weather... let's get back to fashion.)

A flowy shirt dress looks professional yet feels relaxed and can be styled in many different ways. For example, a pair of black boots, thick thermal tights and a wool wrap coat for winter, or ballet pumps and hair up for summer. And of course, your trusty tote bag whatever the weather.

The great thing about dresses, especially longer-length ones, is that you look immediately put-together without actually having made that much effort. It's much easier to throw a dress on before work than to try and find a pair of bottoms to go with your favourite top!

Shirt styles in general are great for work and they are also a nice way to showcase your style without looking inappropriate. For instance, if you want to partake in the sheer fabrics trend for 2024, you can do so by wearing a blouse or shirt dress with sheer sleeves. Even an entirely sheer blouse would be fine for work - just pop a spaghetti-strap camisole in a matching colour underneath.

Try to stick with natural, fresh-faced makeup for the office as well. It's more about looking polished and presentable than all glammed up.

Workwear can sometimes feel dull but one way to make a statement in the office without looking inappropriate is to do it with colour. I've seen many women in creative jobs go to work in beautiful bold outfits, but you know me - I'm a neutrals girl! However I do go through a pink phase on occasion, and I've had a few pairs of pink culottes in my work wardrobe to date. They are so comfy and relaxed yet look dressed up and stylish while still being office-appropriate.

Culottes like these also tick off the bow trend for 2024, as they often come with a tie belt!

If there's one thing we all need in our work wardrobes, it's a smart coat. It's no good looking all professional at the office and then putting on your muddy dog-walking coat at the end of the day! I love wool wrap coats because they're warm, they flatter your figure and they take you easily from day to night. They are probably the most versatile items in my wardrobe, and I wear them for all occasions throughout winter.

The coat above is from Santinni but I would highly recommend shopping for these styles of coats in the Spring sales, as you get them highly discounted and you'll probably still get a chance to wear them before the weather gets warmer. My favourites are the Ted Baker midi wrap coats - they work with trousers, skirts and dresses and have a small percentage of cashmere content so are very cosy.

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