6 Cute Outfits With Wide Leg Jeans

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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If you’re like many of us these days, you’ve probably benched your skinny jeans in favor of more current fits.

So what now? Follow along to check out 6 cute outfits with wide leg jeans.

For all 6 outfits, I’ll be wearing my favorite pair of wide leg jeans. They are moderately wide, so they still flatter my body shape without looking sloppy.

How to wear wide leg jeans

1. Classic meets comfortable

For our first wide leg jeans outfit idea, I’m pairing my denim with a chocolate bodysuit with a cute, square neckline.  


I’m going for a contrast between classy pieces and comfortable ones, so I’m making sure to include elements of each quality.

These white sneakers paired with the basic jeans I associate with comfort. 


These gold, chunky earrings add a touch of class:

Gold earrings

The oversized, white blazer looks effortless and feels cozy but still looks polished.


I’ve accessorized with a brown shoulder bag and sunglasses.

Here’s the final look for this comfortable meets classy wide leg jeans look: 

How to wear wide leg jeans

2. Valentina’s signature style

For this wide leg jean outfit idea, I’m starting off with this higher-end, sexy black bodysuit that’s totally worth the price tag.

Bring attention to the waist with a black, leather belt. The gold buckle elevates the look. 

How to wear wide leg jeans

Add an extra long cardigan for a touch of elegance. Notice how it almost reaches the end of my wide leg jeans. 

How to wear wide leg jeans

Next, add a pair of black, ankle boots. The heel height and toe point are moderate, making these boots especially comfortable.

How to wear wide leg jeans

Add your favorite sunglasses and this wide leg denim look is complete: 

How to wear wide leg jeans

3. The black turtleneck 

For your base, wear a black turtleneck, tuck into your wide leg jeans.

You can opt for a thin or chunky fabric–whatever you have in your wardrobe. 

How to wear wide leg jeans

Add a pair of elegant, black heels. I love how wide leg jeans look with pointy-toe heels. 

How to wear wide leg jeans

For an extra layer, I’m adding this sherpa-lined, black jacket that’s a bit more casual.

I chose smaller, gold hoop earrings because the neckline is already busy with my hair down. 


Here’s the final look:

How to wear wide leg jeans

4. Blue on blue

For this outfit, I’m starting off with another closet staple–the light blue button down top.

This type of shirt, in a light shade, takes us away from monotonous outfits by adding more color, but still appears basic.

I always tuck my shirts in: 

How to wear wide leg jeans

I’m layering a coat-blazer with a houndstooth pattern. 

Blazer coat

Be sure to bunch up the coat sleeves to let your shirt peek out at the cuffs.

I’m wearing taupe, suede boots to match the coat.

Add sunglasses and a watch if you’d like. 

How to wear wide leg jeans

5. Simple and elegant

I’m starting off this wide leg look by tucking a white button down with XL pockets into my jeans.

Dress the look down a bit with some sneakers. 


I know this is such a basic outfit with nothing out of the ordinary, but honestly, these are the looks I gravitate toward.

Look for high quality fabrics and unique details, like the gold buttons. 

How to wear wide leg jeans

6. The white t-shirt

Tuck a white t-shirt into your jeans. This basic formula never fails!

How to wear wide leg jeans

Dress it up with a navy blazer on top. 


Move away from basics with a pair of slingback heels. 


I added these gold earrings and cuffs for an edgy and beautiful detail:

Gold earrings

Here’s this wide jean look, put together: 

How to wear wide leg jeans

How to wear wide leg jeans

Now that you’ve learned how to style wide leg jeans, what are you waiting for? Bring on all the cute outfits with wide leg jeans!

Which outfit is your favorite? Comment down below.

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