How to Style Sequin Pants for a Casual Look

by Thestylineducator

Shoes| Pants | Clutch| Tee| Jacket

Sequin pants are probably one of my most favorite fashion pieces. I have friends who seem to think that sequins are only for dressing up, but I am here to tell you, they can be worn for much more than dressing up. Sequin pants can be worn in casual ways and in casual outfits, you just have to be confident and know what to put with them to dress them down!

In this outfit, I opted for a graphic tee with a camouflage jacket. I love the camouflage jacket and just feel that it is something that can be more versatile in your wardrobe. If you don’t have a camouflage jacket, think about a denim jacket or even a satin bomber jacket. Don’t have a graphic tee, a plain one will work. You can choose a color or just go for the basic white tee to dress up your outfit!

My shoes are just so incredible! I love a strappy heel, especially with these pants. However, not everyone wants to wear a strappy heel. There are those who would rather wear flats or even booties. I feel that either one would look great with this outfit and you should not be afraid to choose any of them.

Lastly are my accessories. I opted for a fur clutch and some fun statement earrings. Any clutch will work. You could even do animal print if you opted for the denim jacket and maybe even animal print shoes also. The sky is the limit with this look. You could even bring a pop of color in and that could create a completely different look.

I love sequin pants! I should I have three pairs! They are so just so fun! Don’t feel confident in this look? How about a long sweater tunic? What do you think?



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