2 Minimalist Outfit Ideas Using Clothing You Already Own

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Welcome back to another slow fashion tutorial where I help you rewear clothing to build a sustainable closet!

Today, I’m going to show you how to shop your closet for minimalist outfit ideas. Let’s get started!

Outfit 1: Cool street style look

Outfit 1: Cool street style look

This first look is by supermodel Harriet Paul. 

The first thing I’m looking at is the overall style vibe and the energy you’re getting from this outfit.

This is a good jumping-off point and sets the tone for the rest of your look. This look is very effortless and has an interesting street or urban sensibility to it.

Outfit 1: Cool street style look

Outfit 1: Cool street style look

The next thing to look at is the overall shape of the outfit. I break this up into two chunks: silhouette and proportion.

Looking at the silhouette of the outfit, there’s a slightly oversized cocoon shape but ultimately the lines are clean, sleek, and minimal.

Even in her pants, she doesn’t have anything too voluminous or tapered to juxtapose the silhouette of the jacket. The only tension is the softness and relaxed silhouette of the turtleneck that’s around her face versus the structure of the coat. 

There’s nice proportion-play happening here because the coat itself is slightly oversized, so she’s adding more volume to her frame that way. 

The final thing to look at is the styling hacks and tweaks she’s used to pull this outfit together. This can range from anything like the fact that she’s leaving her coat open to how she’s playing with color.

Deliberately wearing a coat open or closed may seem blase but it adds intentionality to an overall look.

For color, she’s going with a beautiful monochromatic combination with the coat and the sweater, as well as the pop of pink.

Also, she’s wearing her bag crossbody which brings a cosmopolitan, chic feeling to this look. She’s also playing up the monochromatic palette with her glasses.

Putting it all together

Alright, let’s tackle my closet now that I’ve thoughtfully looked at the outfit and broken it down into elements I can control.

The first thing is the monochrome palette. I don’t have a green coat, but I do have a camel-colored one, so that’s the direction I’m going to go in.

Coat options

Here are my options for coats.

Sweater option

This sweater is the closest to a tan sweater I have, so I’m going to go with it and the first coat. 

Layering clothes

I’m also missing the chunky turtleneck which is a really important piece, but I can recreate that funnel neck with a scarf. 

Jeans option

For jeans, I went with a light wash straight leg.


I love how she has a cream, lightly textured boot.

I don’t have anything like it, but I do have a texturized book that’s faux snakeskin and it works with my tan color palette.


I don’t have anything pink or in a cute shape for purses, but I do have this green fanny pack that will provide a pop of color. I can easily wear it as a crossbody.

Outfit 1: Cool street style look

Here’s the final look!

Outfit 2: Relaxed editorial look

Outfit 2: Relaxed editorial look

The second look is by Veronique Tristram.

Let’s jump into the style vibe. This look is effortless, casual, and chic. There’s an urban sensibility to it and it’s comfortable.

Outfit 2: Relaxed editorial look

In terms of the overall shape, we’ve got the oversized silhouette again except it has a lot more slouch and it’s not as structured compared to our first look.

The boots are the same: they’re a little bit oversized and they have some slouch, but they’re more tapered.

There’s a nice cohesiveness to the silhouettes on top and bottom, but the proportion play is where that gets interesting.

We’ve got this oversized top with two lengthy items layered one on top of the other.

This adds a lot of interest even though they’re very simple pieces.

Outfit 2: Relaxed editorial look

As for styling hacks, this is a pretty interesting look even though it’s made out of all neutrals because the boots contrast nicely with the softer, cooler tones on top.

Another styling hack is the layering and I love how she’s using these sharp structured accessories to add a bit of tension. 

Putting it all together

Let’s jump into my closet now. 

Oversized sweater

I’m going to start with the most oversized sweater I have, and I’m going to layer that over my silk shirt dress.

If neutrals aren’t your thing, you can replicate this with fun colors.

Over-the-knee boots

I have these very old but trustworthy over-the-knee boots.


The only semi-structured black bag I have is this one here. 


And, finally, here are the glasses.

Outfit 2: Relaxed editorial look

Minimalist outfit ideas

Here’s the final look! Let me know if you thought these minimal outfit ideas are a hit or a miss!

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