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We all crave comfy clothes, that replicate both put together, but also not put together. The bill that fits this is trousers. This trend has been styled in many different fashions. All of which have caught a little spot in my heart. Who would have guessed that in my mid-thirties I would be back in trousers, but not because of a job, but because they are considered cozy.

Casual fits and minimal styles are always an easy grab for me. Can we also take a moment for the trousers (from Amazon)? I chose a navy color, however, as you know there are many colors you can choose from.

My go-to oversized tee will always be a graphic. I paired it with the darker trousers because it has many pops of color, and with spring around the corner I felt like it was a good match. Any graphic can spice these pants up!

Speaking of Spring... We added a platform sandal because it is going to get warmer soon, and with a nice thin material trouser, these are a great way to stay warm and cool all at the same time.

How do you style your trousers?

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