4 Classy Church Outfit Ideas With Skirts

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Are you looking for some church outfit ideas? I'm a big fan of skirts, and I feel like a skirt is a great piece you can wear to church in spring.

In this style guide, I'm going to be showing you four skirt outfit ideas for church. Let's get started.

Silky skirt outfit

1. Silky skirt outfit

First up, I have a silky midi skirt in pale pink. It is super feminine, and the silky material has a nice little shine to it.

I also love the fit, it has a mermaid trumpet type of style that is fitted at the top and then flares out at the bottom.

I’ve paired it with a printed top that has a black background with some pink roses on it. The pink roses stand out against the background and tie in well with the skirt.

I really love the top’s statement sleeves. They have these big bell sleeves that give the top some gorgeous detail.

These types of tops are my favorite for spring because you can pair them with absolutely any type of bottom, and they will instantly bring the entire look together.

For the shoes, I’ve opted for a pair of flat strappy sandals that are super comfortable. When I’m wearing flat shoes, I want them to have some kind of embellishment to spruce up the shoes a bit, so I like the fact that these have straps.

I didn't over-accessorize this look. Since the top is printed, I kept it super simple with a pair of gold hoop earrings and a pink tote bag.

Pencil skirt outfit

2. Pencil skirt outfit

Next up, I have a form-fitting pencil skirt with a plaid type of grid print that has my three favorite colors: Red, white, and black. I think these colors pair perfectly together.

I’ve paired the skirt with a simple white top. You want to balance out your outfit, so if you have one printed piece, I think it’s best to make sure the other one is in a solid color.

For footwear, I went for a pair of ankle-strap pumps in a bright, bold red that adds a nice pop of color to the look. They also tie in with the red of the skirt and make the print stand out even more.

The shoes have a block heel which makes them super comfortable. If you do want to wear high heels for church, but you’re worried about your feet aching, definitely go for a pair with a block heel.

To finish off the look, I added a color block bag in that same red, white, and black combination.

This outfit is super chic and very easy to put together!

Pleated skirt outfit

3. Pleated skirt outfit

This next outfit is for my ladies who love a flowy pleated skirt. I’m wearing one in royal blue in a maxi length. There's something about a pleated skirt that I feel is very playful and feminine.

I paired the skirt with a square-cut top in that same blue color. I wanted to go for more of a monochromatic look, and I absolutely love a bright, bold color like this.

To accessorize this look, I went ahead and added a pair of dangling earrings in that same blue color as well. The earrings make a nice statement without overdoing things.

For the shoes, I opted for a pair of open-toe mules. These shoes also have a block heel making them very comfortable. The neutral white shoes also balance out the outfit and break up the monochrome.

To finish off, I added a small white padded bag with gold chain detail.

Cargo skirt

4. Cargo skirt 

Last up, I'm styling a cargo skirt in a maxi in length. Cargo pants and skirts are a big trend this season, so I wanted to get in on it.

To style the skirt for church, I paired the skirt with a pink top. This is the same top as the last look, just in a different color. I am the type of person who, when I find something I love, I have to get it in multiple colors.

Being that the skirt is in that neutral nude color, I feel like any type of top you would pair with this skirt would work perfectly.

For the shoes, I went for a pair of pink loafers with gold chain detail in the front that adds a nice little accessory to the look without doing too much.

Finishing off the look is a small pouch bag in a nude color!

Church outfit ideas

I hope you were able to pick up some inspiration from these skirt outfit ideas for church. Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below.

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