Leopard Print Outfit Ideas

Nomad Moda
by Nomad Moda

Leopard print is a classic, but for those who aren’t so confident when it comes to styling it, it can be seen as a no-go area. I’m here to show you how you can easily style this print and rock the leopard print look.

Style leopard print

Maxi skirt

Leopard print with denim is a winning combination that won’t let you down. Here I’m wearing a beautiful flowy skirt that I’ve dressed up by pairing it with heels. I’m wearing a strappy denim top with an open back that has some crossover details at the top. The top is an exciting element that really adds that touch of ‘wow’. To finish it off, I’ve added an asymmetrical baguette bag.

Leopard print style

How to style leopard print


For a casual everyday look, pair a leopard print mini-skirt with a black t-shirt—an easy and effortless combination with great results. I’ve paired this outfit with a pair of platform sandals and a sporty bag. You can throw this outfit on and be out the door in less than five minutes.

Style leopard print


Here I’m wearing a leopard print romper. The fanny pack doubles up as a belt, defining my waist and cinching it in, and of course, the benefit of a fanny pack is that you can store things in it as well! On my feet, I have a pair of simple black sneakers. As with the last outfit, this is an easy and everyday look.

There we have it, three gorgeous looks using three different pieces of leopard print clothing. You can be bold by pairing it with heels, bright colors, and killer pieces, or you can tone it down by wearing it with all-black. If you’re still a bit hesitant about wearing a leopard print piece of clothing, though, then you can feature it in your accessories, such as a belt, a scarf, or a hairband.

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