5 Cute & Easy Sweater Outfit Ideas: How to Style a Fair Isle Sweater

Want to wear a sweater in different ways but not sure how? I've got 5 cozy sweater outfit ideas for you today!

Sweaters are wardrobe essentials when it comes to winter, but also changeable weather in the fall and spring. Sweaters not only keep you warm, and cozy but they can also look pretty and stylish.

There are plenty of ways to wear a sweater. In today's tutorial, I'll tell you how to wear a very simple Fair Isle sweater, which you most likely already have in your wardrobe. All you need to do is be open to new styling ideas!

How to style a Fair Isle sweater

This is the sweater I will be styling. It's a beige knitted Fair Isle sweater with patterns in blue, yellow, and dark red, which I really like because they are the three primary colors.

Simple sweater and jeans outfit

1. Sweater with jeans

First up, keep it simple with a comfy pair of jeans. I’ve opted for ripped jeans with a turned-up bottom, but you can go for whatever style you like.

Layer a turtleneck underneath the sweater for a double neckline effect. Go for a tone similar yet different to the sweater for a complementary look.

Sweater, jeans, and a scarf

Add in a scarf to bring some more patterns to your outfit. A blue scarf will pair well with the jeans to create a cohesive look.

Wearing a sweater with black pants

2. Sweater with black pants

Switch the jeans for a pair of black pants in a slouchy fit. Pair them with some heeled boots to add some structure and balance out the loose silhouette of the pants.

The sweater brings some color to the dark bottoms and footwear. 

Wearing a sweater draped over a turtleneck

Too warm in the sweater? No problem, go ahead and take it off and wrap it over your back with the arms hanging down the front. Now, the sweater is more of a scarf-like accessory.

How to wear a sweater as an accessory

Bring in another layer with a long black coat, which will add to the androgynous vibe. The sweater works just as well as an aesthetic accessory as it does as a warm and practical sweater.

Wearing a sweater over a white shirt

3. Sweater over a shirt

Change up your bottoms again by going with a pair of wide-fit, high-waisted pants and tucking the sweater in.

Pop on a white shirt underneath for a masculine-inspired outfit. Be sure to pop your cuffs and collar out of the sweater for that extra flash of white.

Sweater and leggings outfit

4. Leggings

Contrast the loose fit of the sweater against a pair of leggings. This blue shirt ties in nicely with the blue print on my sweater. Pairing pieces based on the sweater's pattern colors creates an intentional, put-together look.

For an added touch of character, wear some high socks underneath boots and throw on a leather bag.

Wearing a puffer jacket over a sweater

Weather getting chilly? Wrap up in a big puffer jacket that feels like a bear hug. Go for one in a neutral color that can seamlessly pair with the rest of your outfit.

The bulk of the puffer jacket is offset by the leggings.

Wearing a long coat over a sweater

If you prefer long-line proportions, opt for a trench-style coat instead. Again, this coat in a blue-gray color is a great companion to the light-blue shirt and the blue in the sweater.

Easy sweater and skirt outfit

5. Knitted dress

More of a skirt lady? Throw on a knitted skirt or dress and layer your sweater over the top. A belted waist will cinch you in and add definition to your figure. Tall black boots tie in with the black belt and create a coordinated appearance.

Sweater over dress outfit

You can also put the sweater over your shoulders and tie the ends together for an infinity-scarf look.

Fair Isle sweater outfit ideas

Now you have lots of different sweater ideas. My top tip is to fill your wardrobe with neutral pieces that you can easily mix and match with one another. You’ll find that you’ll be able to create many different outfits by simply switching things in and out.

Let me know your favorite look or styling tip in the comments below.

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  • Mary Mary on May 01, 2022

    Nice ideas. Can you come back with some lighter outfits as we now into May

  • Jacqueline Jacqueline on May 04, 2022

    This weekend I saw 3 people wearing fair isle sweaters! I like these style ideas, it isn't too warm yet for these looks,where I live.