How to Easily Fix the Fashion Errors That Are Spoiling Your Outfits

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If I'm putting a look together and the look isn't feeling quite right, it usually comes down to three things.

In today’s styling tutorial, I’m going to focus on each of these problems and what we can do to bring our look to a place that makes us feel good and like it's truly expressing our style.

Keep reading to find out how to fix your fashion errors!

Outfit example

1. Ratio of three words

I am a firm believer in using three words to describe your style and using these as a guidepost for your style.

A really easy way to fix or adjust a look that's off is to double-check that the ratio of these style descriptors actually matches the mood that you want to express that day.

For example, my three words are minimal, classic, and undone.

Let's take a look at the above photo as an example.

This is a great look, and there's nothing wrong with it; it's just that if we're looking at it from the perspective of my three words, it does feel too classic and polished.

The buttons are done up, the shirt is tucked in, and my hair is slicked back.

Outfit example

To make the outfit a bit more undone, I undid another button and changed the way the sleeves were cuffed.

Also, because the pants fall in one clean, classic line, I tucked them into my boots to give them more of a jogger feel, and by giving them more of a half tuck, it feels casual and laid back.

2. Change up the proportions

Changing up the proportions could be a matter of swapping out the shoes, adjusting a hemline, or swapping out a hemline to work with a certain waistline.

Also, pay attention to whether there is tension between things that are more voluminous in your look and things that are more fitted.

Outfit example

Here's an example where changing the proportions can have a big impact on the overall look itself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way the sweater isn't tucked in, but I have a very narrow hip line in relation to my shoulders, without a lot of distinguishing curves.

Wearing the sweater at my hip level really accentuates that.

Outfit example

When I tuck in the sweater at the front and accentuate the waistline with a belt, we elongate the leg and bring attention to my waist.

The overall vibe of this look changes too.

Outfit example

3. Have you jujjed it?

The final point that you should check if your outfit isn't quite there yet is whether your look has been jeujjed.

This seems so simple, and these little styling tweaks like tucking a shirt, whether it's a half tuck or a full tuck, cuffing a pair of pants, adding a layer or two of different jewelry, figuring out some interesting texture mixes in your look.

How to fix fashion errors

All of these things can seem so small, but they make your look feel intentional and personal, and sometimes they make your outfit just feel a little bit more lived in.

We all want to look effortless however things that look and feel effortless are usually the things that take the most time, effort, and intention.

There we have three reasons why your outfit may feel off as well as how you can fix them to look polished and put together.

I hope you found these principles helpful and that you’ll have a go at applying them yourself!

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