How to Style the Colour of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz. It's just as it sounds, a beautiful warm pastel orange shade. I put together a guide on how I would style this colour, whether it's a full monochromatic look or just a peek. The great thing about this pretty pastel colour is that it pairs well with other warm pastel shades (e.g., pink, yellow) but also pairs well with almost all neutral shades (e.g., brown, black, navy blue, nude etc.).

Wear this stylish color this Spring!

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This top is so fun to wear! It's a cropped button down blouse with a tie detail and pairs perfectly with all of my favourite denim. The colour is swirled together with white for a fun tie-dye looking effect. This is a great way to wear a colour that's not normally in your rotation by wearing a piece that has other colours mixed in. My exact top isn't available anymore but here are some other options that I thought were cute too: a) cropped button down; b) corset; c) casual long sleeve top; d) crochet style tank.

Peach Fuzz makes for the perfect athleisure set! I love the ribbed texture of this top and biker shorts and even wear it outside of the gym. I paired it with a fun multicoloured bag that also had pastel colours throughout for this example. Throw on a hoodie and a cute pair of sneakers, and you're set for an afternoon of adventure or even just lounging around while staying comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

If you're not super into orange, here's another idea to try this colour out. It's dispersed throughout the pattern of this scarf along with shades of blue, white, brown, and black. I wore it with black leather pants to keep the focus on the top that I created out of the scarf (I also have this tutorial here on different ways to style scarves!). This is a great option to mix in Peach Fuzz without it being too forward. Here is one option, plus this, and another option for a similar scarf.

A little wrap dress is a great outfit for warmer weather. I paired this look with pearl accessories including my necklace, bag, and shoes. The texture of the pearls went very nicely with the orange and complimented this style super well. It's a casual look that could transition to a more elevated look with a simple swap of accessories! Try this dress next time you need an outfit for brunch or a girls day!

So what do you think of Peach Fuzz? Will you be wearing it more this year?

These tips can be used to style pieces you already own or you can shop similar products to what I've used using the links in the text. Let me know if you are trying any of the styling tips I suggested in this tutorial or have suggestions for something else that I should write about next! Make sure to follow me on instagram  @melissaradford and on TikTok  @melissaradford for more styling tips, beauty hacks, and wearable fashion!

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