How to Tie a Knot in Clothes

My husband taught me the trick to tying a cute knot in clothes a few months ago and it was life changing! The key to tying a knot that lies flat and horizontal is tie it first in one direction and then in the other direction. For example; if I first tie with the right side on top, I would next tie with the left side on top.

This trick works for any dresses or tops that are button downs and it also works for tying sweatshirts or long sleeve button downs around the waist. Tying a knot adds interest and texture to an outfit. It’s also a easy way to create a flattering look by helping to narrow the waist.

I love that with this trick you can turn a button down dress into a shirt, add a shirt over a dress or jumpsuit or dress up joggers by pairing it with a nicer top. You can tie a sweatshirt or long sleeve with the intention of wearing it later, as a way to cover your backside while working out or purely for fashion. I love that it adds versatility to many items in ones wardrobe!

Button down swing dress tied up like a shirt and button down shirt tied over a dress.

Button down tank tied over a jumpsuit and button down shirt tied with joggers.

Sweatshirt tied around the waist with leggings and a tee and chambray shirt tied with white jeans and a black top.

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