How to Use Clothes to Have a Better Day

by Rachel

Here's my biggest tip when it comes to what you wear...dress for your desire not your day.

In other words, dress for how you WANT to feel, not how you actually feel.

There is power in what you wear and you can harness it to change the outcome of your day.

Here's what this looks like in action:

Feeling anxious or worried? Put on a power piece.

Something that makes you feel like the badass boss babe that you are and reminds you that you have all the power and will rock whatever you do today. 

Feeling down or unmotivated? Put on a piece that brings a smile to your face

It can be a dress you bought on vacation that reminds you of a good time. It can be a ring your grandmother gave you that reminds you of her love. Or even a bold, bright, loud shirt that lights you up whenever you wear it. 

For me, my happy piece always involves sequins 😆

Feeling tired or low energy? Wear a bright, vibrant color.

The psychology of color is real! Wearing orange, yellow and red can actually signal your brain to be more energetic, although any bright and bold color will do.

Try this tomorrow and let me know how it goes!


I'm Rachel Michael, a style coach focused on creatively bringing the art of style to women who are ready to authentically STAND OUT. My focus is on building confidence in my clients by developing their signature style through wardrobe edits, personal shopping services and styling sessions. I specialize in bringing the creative energy that lights my clients up on the inside into their outside appearance so they feel more whole and powerful than ever before!

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