This Bra Hack Will Save You This Summer

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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Have you unpacked your warm weather wardrobe yet? If you have any halter tops, this bra hack will save you this summer.

All you need is a regular bra with straps that detach in the back. Just follow along with this quick and easy fashion trick!

Tools and materials:

  • Regular bra
  • Halter top
Wearing bra and halter top

1. Wear your bra and halter top

Start by wearing your bra the traditional way underneath your halter top.

2. Unhook the back

Next, unhook the straps, just in the back. 

Unhooking back

3. Cross and hook

Pull down your halter top straps. Now, cross the bra straps in front of your neck.

Crossing straps

Then, hook the ends into each other to make a loop.

Making loop

4. Pull it over

Now, just pull the loop over your head.

Pulling loop over head

The bra straps should lay like this:


Finally, just straighten out your halter top straps to cover the bra straps and you’re golden!

Easy bra hack

Easy bra hack

I hope this bra hack will help you polish off lots of looks this summer! Do you have any similar tips or tricks? Share them down below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Regular bra
  • Halter top

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  • Bud11253355 Bud11253355 on May 30, 2023

    That looks painful. I would feel choked.

  • Jaggwire Jaggwire on May 30, 2023

    I don't trust that the hooks won't "hurt," but I love this idea. So I plan to take a regular bra, cut it free in the back, do the crisscross thing, and stitch it together (leave it that way). If it works (and feels comfortable), I will do that with a couple of older bras that are nearing the death toll.

    Thank you for this great idea!!!♥️