How to Sew a Neckline Hem With Both Sides Finished

by Picolly

Today I want to show you how to easily sew the neckline hem with both sides finished.

The length of the primary strip that will form the hem should about 0.85 times the circumference of the neckline and its width should be 3.5 cm (1 3/8") - provided you use 0.5 cm (0.2") wide seam allowances. Similarly, measure the second strip (which you will use on the back of the neckline) - measure the length of the part of the neckline that is formed by the back piece of the T-shirt/dress and multiply this length by 0.85.

Add 1 cm (3/8") to the result (0.5 cm / 0,2” on both ends of the strip). The width of the second strip is also 3.5 cm (1 3/8"). Pin the long strip to the neckline, and then pin the secondary strip over it.

Fold the second strip in half and pin it in this position.

Sew the strips to the neckline. You can use your overlock machine or regular sewing machine (in the latter case, use some kind of an elastic stitch).

Now fold the second strip over the seam allowances.

Pin it in this position and sew it to the neckline - sew from the face side of the garment with an elastic stitch or a twin needle.

Aaaand it’s done! :)

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