How to DIY Adorable Knot Earrings

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Today, we’re going to learn how to make barrel knot earrings. I’ve seen people wearing this style of earring recently and I felt so inspired to create my own pair.

I love that juxtaposition you get combining tough leather with a feminine bead. Also, let’s face it, the barrel knot just looks so cool.

Tools and materials:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Long nose pliers 
  • Cutter tools
  • Flush cutter 
  • Two 12 inch leather cords
  • Beads
  • 1 head pin for every bead
  • 4 jump rings
  • 2 fish hook earring
Creating loops

1. Create loops on your beads

The first thing we’re going to do is make a loop on all of our beads. Take one of your beads and put a headpin through the bead and bend it at a 90 degree angle.

Usually, I like to make a very small loop on my beads. But, since the leather is thick, I’m going to make a medium-sized loop. Cut off about half the head pin. 

Take your round nose pliers. The round nose pliers are smallest at the tip and then get thicker. This will help you get the loop size you want.

I’m going about halfway down the pliers for a medium loop size. Repeat these steps on all of your beads until they all have their loops.

Making the barrel knot

2. Make the barrel knot

Take one of the ends of one of the leather strands and make a loop crossing the other side of the strand over.

Then, use a small piece of a straw and wrap one side of the leather around the straw. You’re going to wrap it around three times towards the hand you’re holding it with.

Making the barrel knot

Take that end and, from under the loophole, put it through your straw to help you thread it through the barrel. Then pull the straw out. Pull at that strand to tighten the knot. 

Pull as hard as you can, holding the barrel knot in place so it doesn’t shift. Before you pull it too tight, decide what size loop you want on either side.

I’m making two versions. One will be with even-sized loops on each side and the other will be with one small loop and one large loop.

Making the barrel knot

Once you’ve gotten your loops to the size you want, pull the end that came through the straw as tight as you can.

Then take your cutter tool and as close to the knot as you can. Do the same thing with the other strand.


3. Glue to secure

Use a good strong glue like E6000 to secure the knot. I’m using the end of a head pin to spread the glue inside the knot.

You won’t be able to get perfectly inside the closed knot, but just do the best you can so your knot doesn’t end up coming apart.

Adding beads

4. Add your beads

Now we’re going to be attaching our beads to the bottom loop.

Use your round nose pliers to open your loop and hook it to the leather strap. Then take the pliers again and use them to close up the gap.

Attaching earring

5. Attach the earring

Take a jump ring and open it with your pliers. Attach it to the top loop and close it up.

Make sure you close it right, without a gap, being sure the ends meet. Then take another jump ring. Open it and attach the earring hook and the jump ring you just attached to the leather and close the jump ring.

Repeat the process on the other earring.

DIY knot earrings

DIY knot earrings

Can you believe how easy that was? I love these earrings so much. The brown leather gives it a very bohemian feel.

If you’re looking for something a little edgier you can try the same technique with a black leather string. That would look really cool. Experiment and get creative.

Are you happy with the way your earrings came out? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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Suggested materials:
  • Round nose pliers
  • Long nose pliers
  • Cutter tools
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