DIY Round Drawstring Makeup Bag

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Are you looking for a more practical means of storing your makeup? Something that could prove handy for when you’re at home and on a trip as well?

Say no more, here’s the thing you seek. A DIY drawstring makeup bag that’s simple to sew and doesn’t take long to finish!

It’s a bag that will keep your makeup safe and sound and allow you easy and fast access to the makeup when it’s time to make yourself even more beautiful. Just loosen the drawstring and you’ll have your cosmetic on a platter! No more rummaging through the bag in order to find what you’re looking for!

Cut the fabric

Cut out two circles 16 inches in diameter, one from the main fabric and the other from the lining.

Then cut two rectangles from the main fabric, each one measuring 6.5 x 3.5 inches in size for the tab.

Make the tab

Set the two rectangular pieces over each other with their right sides in and pin them. Curve two corners on one of the short edges with your scissors.

Sew all around the fabric, but leave a small gap unstitched for turning. Clip the corners and the curves, then turn the tab through the gap. Topstitch around the entire tab.

Sew the bag

Place the tab onto the main fabric circle’s right side with its straight short edge facing towards the center of the circle, about 7 inches away from the edge. Pin and sew in place.

Open up the bias tape, fold its short raw edge, and align its raw long edge with the lining circle edge all around. Fold in the second short edge. Pin in place and sew all around the bias tape.

Place the main fabric circle over the lining with its right side facing down. Make sure that the tab sits on the bias tape gap.

Sew all around the circle, leaving an unstitched gap for turning.

Finish the makeup bag

Trim down the seam allowance with pinking shears.

Turn the circle inside out and press it flat.

Fold in the edge of the opening and topstitch around the whole seam, sewing the gap shut in the process.

Thread the string into the tubing around the circle. Tie its ends into a knot and cut the excess off.

Pull the drawstring to close the bag and index where the tab sits when you close it. Sew the velcro hook and loop onto the tab and the bag so that you can close it tight and prevent makeup from falling out.

Voila, finished!

Now that you know how to sew this neat bag from scratch, make a few for your friends as well! Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement of this bag, we love to hear back from you. Try out our other projects when you feel up for some extra sewing sessions.

Suggested materials:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Bias binding

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