How to Make a Cute DIY Patchwork Dress Out of Gingham Scraps

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I was looking for a project to use with my leftover fabric, and I got the inspiration to make a lovely puff-sleeve DIY patchwork dress! This is the most colorful dress I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait to show you how to make a patchwork dress of your own.

Tools and materials:

  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Sewing machine
  • Scrap fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • 1cm (0.39”) wide elastic
  • Iron
Patchwork dress sewing pattern


This is the patchwork dress sewing pattern. I’ve divided it into four sections to make it easier to use the different fabrics. 

Measurements for the patchwork dress sewing pattern

1. Take your measurements

The above image shows you what measurements you’ll need for this DIY patchwork dress. This will ensure that the dress fits your body size. 

Making the sleeves

2. Make the sleeves

My sleeve part measures 35cm (13.77”) + 3cm (1.18”) seam allowance. The width is 80cm (31.49”) which is 4x the width from the shoulder to the middle of the breast. 

Making the sleeve pattern

Measuring for the sleeve pattern

Fold the rectangle in half and measure ⅙ of your bust size from the bottom end. Mine was 16cm (6.29”) with 3cm(1.18”) seam allowance included. 

How to measure the sleeve pattern

Measuring the arm

From one end of the folding line, mark ½ the width of the end of the sleeve + 2cm (0.78”) seam allowance. Mine is 35cm (13.77”). 

Drawing a curve

Cutting out the curve

Connect both markings and finish them with a slightly curved line. Then, cut.

Folding and pinning the edges

Fold the edges twice (0.5cm [0.19”] each time). Pin and sew. 

Measuring where the elastic will go

Measuring for the sleeve elastic

Measure 9cm (3.54”) from the sleeve’s end; this will be the elastic’s position. 

Pinning the elastic tunnel

Cut a long 3cm (1.18”) wide rectangle; this will be the tunnel. Pin and sew the bottom edge.  

Pressing with an iron

Fold the open edge down over the first seam. Fold the edge by 0.5cm (0.19”) and press.

Pinning the tunnel ready to sew

Pin and sew to secure.  

Measuring the arm's circumference

Cut a 1cm (0.39”) wide elastic to the size of your arm’s circumference + 2cm (0.78”). Mine is 24cm(9.44”). 

Feeding the elastic through the tunnel

Feed it through the tunnel with a bobby pin and sew the ends to secure them.  

Folding and pinning the curved side

Fold the sleeve and pin the curved side. Then, sew to secure (curved side only). 

Measuring from the center of the bust to the knee

Side pattern for the dress

3. Make the side parts

Cut a rectangle with the length measuring from the nipple to above the knee +2cm (0.78”) seam allowance. My total is 42cm (16.53”). 

Rectangle for the side parts

The width should be the same as your bust +2cm (0.78”) seam allowance. Mine is 80cm (31.49”). 

Sewing a loose seam for gathering

Make a loose seam at the top edge and gather the fabric to measure the same as ⅓ of your bust size + 2cm (0.78”). Or the width of your sleeve minus 4cm (1.57”). 

Ruffle pattern pieces

Measuring the length of the ruffles

4. Make the ruffles

Cut a rectangle measuring the length from the middle of the breast to the knee minus the length of the side part +2cm (0.78”) seam allowance. Mine is 22cm (8.66”). The width should measure 1.5 x the width of the side part. Mine measures 120cm (47.24”). 

Gathering the fabric

Sew a loose seam on one edge and gather the fabric until it’s the same width as the side part’s top edge. 

Pinning the ruffle to the side piece

5. Connect the ruffles to the side piece

Pin the gathered edge of the ruffle piece to the side piece and sew to secure. 

Aligning the sleeve to the armhole

Pinning the side piece to the sleeve's end

6. Connect the sleeves

Connect the top of the side part to the end of the sleeve. Start pinning the edge of the side piece 2cm (0.78”) away from the sleeve’s end. 

Sewing the secure

Sew to secure. 

One side of the DIY patchwork dress

Here’s one side of the DIY patchwork dress. 

Assembling the DIY patchwork dress

Now, go ahead and make the other side, too. 

Measuring the inside shoulders

Making the center piece of the dress

7. Make the center piece

Make a rectangle. The width should be the same as between your inside shoulders and the length from above your beast to the knee + 3cm (1.18”) seam allowance. Mine is 22cm (8.66”) + 76cm (29.92”). 

Measuring the top edge

Measure 4cm (1.57”) from the top edge and draw a line across. 

Folding the top edge

Fold the top edge every 0.5cm (0.19”) until you get to the 4cm (1.57”) line. Then, pin and sew. 

How to make a patchwork dress

Ensure you have two pieces for the front and back of the DIY patchwork dress. 

Patchwork dress tutorial

Attaching the center piece

8. Attach the center pieces

Pin the sides of the centerpiece. Start from the bottom and pin to the top. Keep going straight when you get to the sleeve part. The connecting part of the sleeve will be bigger than the center part. Repeat for the back, too. 

Sewing the center piece of the dress

Sew all pinned edges. 

Attaching the elastic

9. Attach the elastic

Fold the sleeve’s raw edge twice by 0.5cm (0.19”) and pin it. This is for the tunnel for the elastic, so make sure it’s bigger than the width of the elastic. 

Sewing the elastic

Now, sew. 

Cutting a length of elastic

Measuring the shoulder

Cut a 1cm-wide (0.39”) elastic measuring the length of your shoulder to above your breast + 2cm (0.78”) seam allowance. 

Feeding the elastic through the tunnel

Feed the elastic through the tunnel. 

Sewing the ends of the elastic

Sew the ends to keep them from moving. 

Hemming the DIY patchwork dress

10. Hem the DIY patchwork dress

The last step is to hem the dress by folding the raw edge inward twice (1cm [0.39”] each time).

DIY patchwork dress

How to make a DIY patchwork dress

DIY patchwork dress tutorial

The DIY patchwork dress is complete, and it’s super vibrant and colorful! This was an excellent way to get rid of my scrap fabric. I hope you found some inspiration in this patchwork dress tutorial. Happy sewing! 

Suggested materials:
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Sewing machine
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  • Mor48879706 Mor48879706 on Aug 27, 2022

    I liked how the dress turned out very pretty and comfortable looking. I would like to make a sleeveless, loose fitting dress with scraps.

  • Leslie Leslie on Aug 28, 2022

    Hi Jess, your design is adorable without being over sugary if that makes sense. You wear it well. The lines and where you put the ruffles and balance of the look is all perfect. Thank you for sharing :)