It Doesn’t Take Much to Sew This Beautiful Ruffle Hem Dress

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I’m going to be showing you how to sew a ruffle hem dress. The whole look is absolutely exquisite, and it gives off a flowy yet intricate vibe. You won’t need a lot of materials to get started, too. This is definitely a pretty and comfortable fashion item to add to your stash of dresses. The best part of this ruffle hem dress tutorial is that you won’t need a pattern, just an old dress you already have as a guide. So, follow me and scroll down to get the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to make a ruffle hem dress. Let’s go!

Tools and materials:

  • Stretchy jersey fabric
  • Old dress as a pattern
  • Measuring tape
  • Curved ruler
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
Sew a ruffle hem dress

Pin and cut the pattern

Lay out your dress on your folded fabric and pin all around. I wanted a shorter length, so I folded some of the dress’s bottom to shorten the length. When it’s all pinned in place, cut around. You should have two pieces.

How to sew a ruffle hem dress

Next, cut around the front neck area by folding one of the pieces in two and pinning it in place. Mark 2 inches down on the folded edge and 2.5 inches from the neck area.

ruffle hem dress pattern

Using a curved ruler, join the lines and cut accordingly.

Make a ruffle hem dress

Next, mark 2 inches down the center of the fold and cut. This is your neck slit.

How to make a ruffle hem dress

Cut the ruffle piece

Fold your fabric in half and measure 10x60 inches. Cut three pieces of the same size.

Easy ruffle hem dress

Cut the sleeves

With the fabric on the fold, measure 15 x 15 inches, then mark 10 inches lengthways from the 15 inches lines.

Basic ruffle hem dress

Secure the fabric in place. Connect the 15-inch line to the 10-inch line in an inverted ‘s’ shape by using a curved ruler.

ruffle hem midi dress

Then, connect to the 15-inch line on the edge of the fabric.

ruffle hem dress tutorial

Secure in place and cut. Also, make the second sleeve by placing the cut-out sleeve on the fabric and cutting around.


Watch exactly how I connect the lines from 4:00 minutes.

Sew shoulder & side seams

Assemble the dress

Pin the front and back dress pieces together at the shoulder and side seams and sew.

Make long ruffle piece

Pin the ruffle pieces together and sew. The goal here is to create one long piece.

Stitch and gather

Stitch on one side of the ruffle piece with long thread. Next, pull the threads to gather the fabric, thus creating a ruffle effect.

Pin the ruffle to the dress

Pin the ruffle piece (right sides together) to the hem of the dress. Evenly distribute the ruffled fabric, too. Sew the ruffle piece to the dress when you’re done pinning.


Start by pinning the sides first and then the center.

Baste the sleeve

Attach the sleeves

On the longer side of the sleeve, baste the sides and pull the strings to gather.

Attach armband

Attach the armband to the ruffled side and sew ( armband measurements: 6x10 inches). Fold the armband in half so that its edge touches the stitching. Pin and sew.

Gather the whole sleeve

Now, baste the rest of the sleeve. Then, pull the threads together to create a ruffled effect through the edges.

Sew the underarm

Pin the underarm area, as shown, and sew. Be sure to repeat these steps on the second sleeve piece.

Attach the sleeve

Attach the sleeve to the dress via the armhole area, right sides facing, and sew.

Add the necktie

Attach the necktie

Cut out a lengthy necktie piece from your remaining fabric and attach it to your neck area of the dress. Pin in place and sew.

Stunning ruffle hem dress

Woohoo! We are done. Look how lovely this dress came out. It’s puffy and ruffled in all the right places and sits so well on my body. I love the elegant flowy vibe, and the color is just superb. I wore a see-through belt around my waist to give this dress an extra dimension. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you now have the inspiration to make your own ruffle hem dress!

Suggested materials:
  • Stretch jersey fabric
  • Dress
  • Measuring tape
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