Grab an Elastic Headband for This Effortless Fancy Look

Chignon Tutorial!!!

This is such an easy look to accomplish. Use a stretchy elastic headband with a nonslip silicone strip and roll your hair around it. Add a decorative clip or comb and you have an elegant, easy hairstyle. If you find the hair and wants to slip, add a few bobby pins to secure it. What I love most about it is I can easily tighten or adjust the style by removing the comb and rolling the hair tighter.


Perfect for a wedding or a fancy dinner, or a day at work

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Put the elastic headband on top of your hair like this

Here is how it looks in the back I have my fingers over it to hold it into place a little

Next start rolling your hair into the headband. Begin on the sides and work your way towards the middle.

You want to keep rolling your hair until all of the loose hairs are tightly tucked in.

I'm going to use this beautiful pearl clip to accessories my hair

It is super simple and a comb clip so I just slide it in.

What do you think?

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