How to Do Easy & Flattering Hooded Eye Makeup Over 50

5 Materials
10 Minutes

Today’s tutorial is about hooded eye makeup for women over 50. I'll show you how to apply your eyeshadow in the correct place to try and give your hooded eyes a beautiful open look.

A lot of us as we get older develop hooded eyes, where the skin starts to sag and covers the mobile part of the lid. I’ve struggled with hooded eyes since I was younger, not realizing the techniques I should be using.

I know them now, so I’m going to share those makeup for hooded eyes techniques with you. Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Powdered liner
  • Kohl pencil
  • Makeup brushes
  • Lash curler (optional)
Identifying if you have hooded eyes

1. Identify if you have hooded eyes

Look directly in the mirror. If you have hooded eyes, you won’t see the mobile lid. You should only see the top part underneath your brow.

If you develop hooded eyes with age, you’ll notice that the top part starts to droop and sag down. If this is you, let’s move forward.

Applying a light base color eyeshadow

2. Add a light base

An important thing to remember before adding shadow is that anything we apply that is light will bring the part of the eye forward, and anything that is dark will make that area recede. We want to give the illusion of space and lift. 

So, let’s start by adding a really light color over most of the eye with a focus on the mobile part of the lid.

Eye makeup for hooded eyes

3. Apply a medium transition shade

Medium shades create the shape for your hooded eye.

It can be tempting to lift your eyebrows, look down, or close one eye while you apply, but this can create an issue with placement. You typically will end up placing the color in the socket of your eye, which will be hidden entirely by the hood.

So, apply your transition shade with your eye open, as it’ll be easier to see what is visible.

Apply a medium transition shade with round, sweeping movements. You almost want to create a fake socket area higher than your real socket line so when the eye is open, you can see you’re starting to create a really nice shape on the brow.

Only take the shadow partway because you don’t want to close the eye down.

Lining underneath the eyes with eyeshadow

4. Line underneath your eyes

Line underneath your eye using the same medium shade in order to join what you applied on the top part of your eye with the underneath area. This also helps to give the eye a gorgeous shape and make it look bigger. 

Easy eye makeup for hooded eyelids

5. Fill in the gap

You will end up getting a gap between the upper and lower parts of your eye, so you’ll want to use a deep color to fill the gap. 

Hooded eye makeup looks for older women

6. Use the deep shade on your eyelid

Use the deep shade on the outer third of your eyelid and blend it into the crease. 

Adding eyeliner to the lash line

7. Add eyeliner to your lash line

Apply a powdered liner to the top lash line. Don’t apply it all the way across so you don’t close your eyes up in the corner. This is a great way to give you a more dramatic look, especially if you have an unsteady hand.

Makeup tutorial for hooded eyes

8. Join the liner with the corner of your eye

Use a kohl pencil and apply it to the corner of your eye to join the liner on the top lid to the bottom of your lid. Blend it in with a soft brush.

Tip: Using a lash curler will make your eyes look bigger.

Hooded eye makeup

Hooded eye makeup tutorial

That’s it! I hope this tutorial showed you that you can do beautiful eye makeup for hooded eyelids. Just because your eyes are hooded doesn’t mean you can’t wear eye makeup.

Hooded eye makeup can be just as easy and just as beautiful as other makeup looks, and I hope this convinced you. Let me know how well this works for you!

Products used

Suggested materials:
  • Eyeshadow
  • Powdered liner
  • Kohl pencil
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